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Obama Goes For the N-Bomb

In a discussion about racial relations on the Marc Maron’s pod-cast “WTF,” The President of the United States used the word that “only blacks can use” when addressing each other. That’s right, he used the word that starts with a capital “N” followed by a hyphen and ends in “word” (as in the “N-word”).



Or in Obama’s case quote him race bait’em.


Which should leave the nation wondering, is he really black enough to be throwing that word around so cavalierly? Rachel Dolezal seems to be unavailable to rule on whether the President’s racial heritage qualifies him for the exemption or not.

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  1. Isn’t asshole code speak for the N-word?
    Like thug and negro and a whole slew of other words in the language that have suddenly adopted new meanings so that they;re homonyms for the dreaded N-word.

  2. Does anyone listen to this racist, chaos baiting ‘thing’? He thrives on creating racial discord, but people of sense, seem to be catching on. His continual jumping to politicize EVERYTHING is really getting old.

    The commies want gun control so that they and the crooks currently getting them ILLEGALLY can rule totally. Creating chaos and animosity amongst Americans is the lowest, wormy way to do it, and they will succeed if we don’t start standing together against all of the crap they are dishing out.

    Charleston is to be commended for not allowing the race baiters a to take over! Thank GOD for their leadership and example. So sad for their losses of exemplary people.

  3. Use of the N-word is forbidden to whites, Asians or Latino’s but not blacks. Apparently it is also not verboten to our president, who is half black. Which begs the question, is it okay for a person that is 25% black? How about 20% or 10%. Was it forbidden to Rachel Donezal, a white woman who claimed to be black? This is getting a bit like Sharia Law, which forbids free speech. Life is getting far to confusing to an old fart like me.

  4. Why is everyone, including this website and most of the people who comment on it, afraid to use the word “nigger”? Everybody knows the term, everybody’s heard the term, and pretty much everybody’s used the term at one time or another. Sure it’s offensive, but I find the term “motherfucker” much MORE offensive, and I hear that on cable TV and in movies to the point where it is almost no longer shocking to me. Almost. And that’s a term I never EVER heard from a white or Latino person forty or fifty years ago. We picked that little bit of culture up from the you-know-whos.

    Anyway, if black people can say “nigger” and other people can’t, how is that not racist?

    Sauce for the goose.

  5. It has to be tough out there for black people who just want to go through life like ordinary people.
    You’re used by the left for political gan, and if you want nothing to do with their script you’re abused as a traitor.

    Part of that treason is “acting all white,” which is a dog whistle for using proper grammar, wearing nice clothes and having ambition and a vision beyond the hood.

    Now we have a black president who is desperately trying to tell blacks that no matter where they are in life, they are still niggers in the eyes of whites, whites are just too polite to tell them.

    The first black president should have been conservative.
    None of this would be going on.

  6. Part of this punks agenda is to move as many Americans from being black to being niggers as possible. That has been the Democrat agenda since the antibellum days and right through the Jim Crow Days when Democrats used niggers as livestock and it is true today when Democrats use niggers to advance their agenda. Black skinned Americans who refuse to be used by Democrats are not of any concern to them.

  7. This was a rant by the baiter-in-chief about how America is not over the last 300 years of racism. I’m not saying it was all dandy before he showed up from his liberation theology church and community organizer outfit, but he sure as heck made it a lot worse.

  8. As usual, Obama acts niggardly towards the country that affords
    him and his manufactured family the greatest opportunities anywhere.

  9. Who would have thought the first black president would act like an “N-word”?

    If I recall correctly there are “words” for every color, nationality, and background. I’m with Vietvet, motherfucker is a lot worse than the “n-word”.

  10. “In the land of the entitlement-minded, the half-breed nigger is king”.

    I hope my use of the 1st Amendment offended someone, because that’s EXACTLY what the 1st Amendment was written for.

  11. Charlston is proving this particular PC thoughtcrime is becoming less effective. That’s why Red Hussein and his surrogates are doubling down. Like a crackhead needing more and more rock to get the same high.

    Look for him to recall a fabricated series of racist cracka encounters.

  12. Somebody ought to offer this nasty, bilious, vicious little man a deal. If the blacks stop using nigger in any way shape or form, both oral and written, in song and in movies etc then then whites will get rid of all the confederate flags and promise not to use them again. Sounds good to me.

  13. Whiner in chief. Black president elected by majority white country lamenting about the same slavery he wants to put everyone in.

    So tired of the coddled crying victim. Put on you big boy panties.

  14. They must be really pissed they couldn’t stir up shit here in SC. Then again, we’re NOT a liberal utopian cesspool either.

  15. Any parent, manager, business owner, teacher, boy scout leader, etc, knows that you don’t teach people by showing them the wrong way to do it. Barry has taken the office of President to a new low. He is race baiting. I guess the race war is not starting fast enough for him. I’m starting to buy into this Jade Helm/Race war thing.
    I hope Barry does a gun safety video real soon.

  16. NEVER – he makes all his jack, smack, and crack by always being a brothuh – he chose his race, his mama tol him, “they aren’t my people.”

  17. Obama can use the word, rappers are constantly throwing it down, along with drug abuse, crime, unsafe gun handling and of course, calling women bitches and hos, and worse.

    A lot of people in Detroilet and Shitcago get murdered, black on black on a daily basis. Crickets from Obama… Of course.

  18. Because I won’t stoop to Obama’s level of guttural talk. Oh, I’ll point it out when the Leader of the Free World easily banters about with the worse racial epithet known to man, but I am not going to join him down in the sewer of his KKK ancestry (which I assume because his Mom was a certified Cracker).

  19. This president really knows how to divide amerika. Race, income and politics. If I didn’t know better, I would think he is trying to destroy and bankrupt this country.

  20. Barry is a narcissistic flaming queer prick. He is only interested in attention and deception. Once again, he’s doing everything in his power to destroy this country.
    BTW, Excellent comment BFH. Very accurate.

  21. Most white people I know stopped using that word (until that son of a communist bitch started 0ccupying the office of president).
    That’s the way that fucking bastard wanted it too!

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