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The Reaction From the Candidates

Given the choice of blaming guns or Islam, which candidate held which responsible for the Orlando shooting? Hard Choice(s).

On the left you have Hillary refusing to use the term radical Islamic terrorism and calling for a ban on “weapon of war” guns.

On the right you have Donald Trump calling on Obama to resign for failing to call the Orlando shooting “Radical Islam” and for putting political correctness over public safety.

 Hillary’s response here and here

 Trump’s response here


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  1. doesn’t the one with a “vagina” and a “glass cut forehead” blame “all right wing conspiracists” for the media hit jobs when reporting on all of her illegal antics when it’s only a militant few who have come forward?

    so she blame all right wing conspiracists but not all mooslimbs.
    what a divider she is!

  2. And to think that just the other day Trump’s comment on the Mexican judge was finally the final final straw in his candidacy.

  3. The progressive media will wring their hands and with tear-filled voices talk about helpless “tragedies.” The FBI will offer condolences to family and friends and talk about “terrible losses,” and nibble around the edges of the heart of Mateen’s ‘motives’, failing to say the words “radical islam” because Comey is still employed by this administration. They absolutely believe we are all totally retarded and don’t read independent investigations from those who know the facts. Let the whitewashing begin.

  4. Interesting that Killary supports the position of her BFF Obama who as a Muslim championed both Muslim and Queer causes! Perhaps he championed the queer cause in order to entice his Muslim Jihadists to attack the country he hates. It doesn’t matter if they murder queers or Christians or both it all has the same effect on him, euphoria!

  5. We need Tax Credits for gun training. I think I’ll send that suggestion the the White House web site.

  6. Its too bad Trump caused that mass shooting by insulting an entire religion, calling women pigs and being dangerously incoherent.
    That poor Muslim bastard was just getting his life together, starting to mentor at risk youth, and be an ‘agent of change’ in his community.
    Since Trump caused all this by his dangerous rhetoric, he and the NRA should be banished as well as his followers, as we turn in our guns to finally approach the glorious dawn of solidarity with the modern world.
    We can be free if only we turn in our horrible guns that make us slaves to our base natures.
    And stop building walls to divide us.

  7. This was Trump’s opportunity to get ahead of Clinton on this issue. Her reaction and that of Obama were entirely predictable. It’s all about gun control, instead of controlling who we let in this country. Trump should have issued a statement on Radical Islamic Terrorism being the source and inspiration for what has been happening all across America since the Fort Hood massacre. Trump should have detailed all of the murders and attacks, drawing a line from Mecca to Orlando. Instead, we got Twitter feed. He actually called Clinton a maniac! How about all the other things she actually is that would resonate with concerned voters. This was an easy call, and I don’t think it was played properly for the best effect.

  8. I positively hate this bitch and the smug assfucks who want me to change my life because of some mental patient. Piss off and address the real issue at hand, here’s a hint: it ain’t me or the NRA. It’s your pisspoor liberal peabrain that kept 49 people (plus injured) from defending themselves.

  9. Marco

    “This was Trump’s opportunity to get ahead of Clinton on this issue.”

    It still is. He scheduled a speech before this event for this evening. He might have moved it because of the attack. He’ll bring it during his upcoming speech. If he jumps on this opportunity to soon he will be accused of taking advantage of all those poor dead gay Hispanics.

    Stay tuned.

  10. I’m watching it now. Trump is speaking like he should have been all along. This subject has to be addressed properly by Trump to get off simple labeling if he wants to get ahead of Clinton on this problem.

  11. “This was Trump’s opportunity to get ahead of Clinton on this issue.”

    Further ahead,you mean. Hillary is being celebrated fulsomely in the media for managing to cough up the words “islamic terrorism”. Trump made the correct call on islam at least a year ago. If he happens to make the connection tonight that ambassador Stevens, like the men who were murdered in Pulse, was gay, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

  12. Dear Mrs Clinton…
    Guns are useless objects without an operator,
    Just like cars, planes, or trains,
    The real problem is the idiots who pull the trigger,
    To be really sure, you have to outlaw everything for the common good.

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