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The REAL Superbowl

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  1. If only it was “stealers”. It’s treason, on a massive, massive scale, straight through to the GOP, our courts, schools – you name it.


  2. Interesting. has no contact link on their website, mysteriously.

    This is The first game I’ve watched all year. And then I get this lecture followed by, I don’t know is that the church of Satan for half time it’s bizarre

  3. Watched until halftime .. then saw some closeup of some mental midget fighting racism with a “Fight Racism” sticker

    And that’s when I reached for the remote and clicked off. Good thing it worked or I would have thrown something thru the screen. Nothing riles me more than that false accusation of white on black racism … one of the most grotesque inversions of reality ever!!

  4. Home. Would have updated sooner but I just cant type on an iphone. Muh fingers are too fat.

    So some guy next dirt road over went all apeshit over something. Threatened to kill himself, others etc…dared the cops to shoot him.

    Which…is like a super bad idea unless you really really mean it. Because ALL the cops showed up. Like in blues brothers. ALL THE COPS showed up. Went door to door kicking people out, caught me as I was rolling up to my driveway.

    Knuckle tats…beanie pulled down low, bumping ZAPP, all low ridered out…. took some explaining on my part to go get my family.

    So we drove into town, did some shopping, ate, came home. Everything seems to have died down.

    No idea what happened to the big fat crybaby. Probably read about in the paper on Wednesday.

  5. Stealer’s play-by-play guy Bill Buttkiss:

    The Stealers’s QB Joe Morontana trips over his own foo but manages to send a 2 yard pass to Wide Receiver Kameltoes who expertly handles the wobbly ball and runs to the end zone for the TD. Oh, oh, wait…there were several flags thrown on the play. Yup, the entire Stealers team may have been offside on the play, but that shouldn’t nullify the TD after the new rules were passed back in January. The officials are now reviewing it.


    Bill: The Stealer’s have increased their lead to 87 to 2, and it’s only the first quarter. How about our Stealers? Nothing is too outrageous for them to try.

  6. You know who I feel sorry for in this game? Tampa’s place kicker. Ryan or Bryan Succup.
    Pronounced as it appears.

    It would make you a tough guy, although place kickers are known for being bad asses.

    But it hearkens back to the Johnny cash classic, “A boy named Sue”. I guess that holds no current relevance or humor today either.

    I think I have reached my expiration date.

  7. @P. Henry

    That’s an unfortunate name all right. There have been lots of funny but unfortunate names in sports.

    Back in the 1930’s and 1940’s the Boston Bruins (NHL) had a player named Dit Clapper.

  8. I don’t know if you like or hate Tom Brady but he befriended President Trump, had a MAGA hat in his locker, and I never saw him wearing a stupid fucking covid mask all night!

    Mahomes was on the sideline trying to win a fucking Super Bowl and the jackwagon was wearing a goddamn mask!
    Learn from the GOAT little man!

  9. I am NOT a football fan…… BUT Brady at 43 in his 10th appearance and 7th win of a contest that is in its 55 year…. for what it’s worth, a pretty phenomenal guy.

  10. Let me see.
    I have led two different teams to multiple Superbowl victories.
    I am married to a supermodel.
    I am a good looking dude.
    I have my head screwed on straight.
    I am fabulously wealthy.

    Nah. I wouldn’t want to be that guy.

  11. I am HAPPY as heck that Brady & Gronk won another one.

    Free Florida wins, SJW’s Pissed, and CNN is truly upset that the Half Time show was “disappointing”. After wanting reduced celebrations 2 Byatches were yapping that they expected a better performance and camera work was “shakey”.

    This will not go over well with the young Tweeny crowd.

    If they believe their own GARBAGE, then they should have expected the reduced performance that was promised.

    Personally, I thought it was Fuckin Great!

    Go older Guys with an old fashioned work ethic who love our parents, kids, & work hard every day!

  12. Amen Kcir, If anyone is over 40 they need to pull for Brady.

    In all honesty, The Weeknd halftime performer wasn’t bad as far as I am concerned.
    The dude has a great voice and is not a stupid rap idiot.
    I wanted to hate him because of the bullshit NFL SJW bullshit, but I didn’t.

    The thing that got me was the stupid cardboard cutouts in the stadium during the game.
    Imagine getting free tickets to SB 55 because you are a healthcare worker that risked your life, only to have your view blocked BY A FUCKING CARDBOARD CUTOUT!!!

  13. Happy for Brady and Gronk.
    We didn’t watch. The hubs checked the score once in a while.

    I just watched the half time video. Well, fast forwarded a lot of it. Never heard of that guy.
    Talk about self worship. Every song was basically the same. About himself.
    Glad I missed it.

  14. Glanced at the game occasionally to check the score. Glad to see Brady & Gronk win another set of rings.
    To me, the best was reviewing the pre-game Talking Heads “predictions”, they ALL went for KC by various close scores. They’re all as useless as political pollsters.
    And the ads and half time SUCKED. There was the one or two ok commercials, but on the main, they all were limp, PC, trying-too-hard-to-be-humorous-and-falling-flat.
    Someone pointed out to me this morning that all the ads were with POCs, very few whites. Can anyone verify that?


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