The Type of Propaganda CNN Falls For

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  1. Somebody slaughtered a chicken!…. or two.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  2. They don’t fall for it, they cynically promote it, knowing it’s fake as hell.

    And that is one demonic looking grin on little Trayvon Martyr’s face.

  3. Because Hamas is such an honest group. These are paid protestors just like we have here, they fake casualty numbers and they hide behind civilians or within civilians to generate civilian casualties, And anyone down in that zone that brought kids is just reprehensible.

  4. Of course they won’t run the faces through facial recognition software and show us how many times little Achmed has been killed this week

  5. I can see where Arab Muslims would be quite good at faking violent scenes. They’re so well acquainted with the actual thing

  6. Lots of youTubes of Palestinian “dead” getting up and brushing themselves off, grinning, as soon as the CNN/BBC cameras stop rolling.

    My favorites are the Palestinian “funerals” where the coffin of the Hamas martyr is being paraded mournfully through the streets, then a pallbearer stumbles, the coffin falls and breaks, and the “ deceased” stands up cursing and swearing.


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