The “Virosphere” Rains Trillions of Bugs Down Upon Us

Scientists are just starting to realize that viruses aren’t just the most abundant entity on the surface of the planet, they’re also floating high up in the atmosphere hitching a ride to where ever the winds may take them.  More

13 Comments on The “Virosphere” Rains Trillions of Bugs Down Upon Us

  1. Nothing AT ALL to do with planes spewing shit all the time…geoengineering, not just for breakfast anymore….

  2. The article is more of the typically idiotic, self-contradicting evolutionary hokum.

    Man’s capacity for thought is presented, without dispute, as being the result of viral infection…here we are, it happened, so it’s natural and good, while also proving that man himself is just another organism…in the great scheme ultimately no different from the viruses from which we, in part, descended.

    Yet Italians bringing cows to Africa and setting of an ecology-altering infection was an unnatural and bad thing to be avoided in future.


  3. The global hot air hand dryer spreading germs on a grandeur scale than it’s smaller public restroom cousin never dreamed possible.

  4. In the article it was noted that Hawaiian birds in higher elevations will be wiped out because of the mosquito-borne avipox virus. The reason being it is getting warmer and mosquitos will now be able to live in the mountains and spread it to the birds there.
    See, the writer found a way to insert global warming into the article.
    Also, don’t mosquitos already live in high elevations? I remember being eaten alive by swarms of them in the Sierra Nevada mountains during the summer.
    So how do I know that anything written about these viruses is correct and or breaking news?

  5. Well, golly gee whiz.. I though we lived in a sterile environment that was temperature controlled and fair and equal for all..

  6. My name is Hal Bore and I would like to raise awareness of Global Bugging. Send me money to learn more.

  7. “On a lighter note, McCain hospitalized again with intestinal problems.”

    His head is impacted again?

  8. ♫ “Here they come, pouring out of the blue
    Little viruses for me and for you
    You’re falling ill once again,
    Falling ill once again

    Little virus in your clothing,
    Little virus in your hair
    When you’re real sick you’ll find
    Them little viruses everywhere
    Little viruses that will hit you once
    And lay you low again
    Little viruses that get everybody
    Every now and then.” ♪


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