This Game Stinks Winner

We had a childish contest the other day – create a euphemism for Hillary passing gas.

I wrangled Jerry Manderin into judging the contest. Appropriately, he called upon 2 experts in the field of 5th grade humor, his 2 young sons.

Together, they pored over the entries.

The submission that made them laugh the most was——–>

BigSubtleSky with —>               VINCE FARTSTER!
Conflatuations to the winner, BigSubtleSky!
email and provide a mailing address in order to claim your Keith Safety Whistle – courtesy of Menderman,

4 Comments on This Game Stinks Winner

  1. Well … I guess that’s funny …

    not as funny as what I woulda put in …

    IF I coulda thot of sumptin funny to put in …

    I shud get a prize, two!

    It’s jus not fair that jus cuz I din’t put in a “funniest commert” that I shudn’t get a prize, to … cuz I tried … reely hard …. my brian just cudn’t come up with nuthin … itz hiz fault … not mine!

  2. Joey, you should just Bidenize it from BigSubtleSky just like you did with that speech by Neil Kinnock years ago!

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