This is what I call electioneering

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  1. Let me tell you something:
    I am sick and tired of receiving surveys and requests for donations from too many organizations . I am not going to name them here but eventually I will, if this shit keeps up. I send a $25 to a so called Veterans Organization and a week later I am asked for another donation. What the Fuck! Same goes for religious beggars,
    send them a few bucks and they are right back on your ass begging for more. Politicians are the same, send them a buck and they are right back on your ass without even a thank you. Fuckemall. I’m finished with donations. I can’t afford it.
    Meanwhile I am told by the scumbags at PayPal that my little stipend to IOTW REPORT is suspended.

  2. How do you MAGA?
    I MAGA by busting my ass at work so I can have time to write my stories and plot the collective demise of my numerous enemies

  3. I get requests for campaign donations from both Democrats and Republicans – most of whom I haven’t heard of.
    I think I gave to Cruz in late 2015. Otherwise I have given to Project Veritas and Open the Books, once each but will give more. And I get emails from those two all the time, but they include information about what they have accomplished along with the ask.

  4. That made me crack up! That said, that was re-engineering.

    He will be needed at future amphibious landings…


  5. If this was an ad about the seditious gay Kenyan commie that black hose would be up his black *ss. Ejection would be out his mouth.

  6. I gave yearly when Ronny was around. Stopped in 89 when “Kinder , gentler…” lib came in.
    After the Muslim lover gave his “ROP” speech 10/01 I started sending the envelopes back with a note :”When the GOP is again run by JudeoChristians I will again donate!”! After the second such not I haver got a beg again – ’til ’16.

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