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This Post is Mute, Because Your All a Bunch of Loosers

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  1. Gah! my inner grammar Nazi just went full Hitler. I work with people who talk/write like this and it makes my facial tic go bonkers because I’m suppressing the desire to choke them.

  2. CRIPES! Dat be like having a strokes, an shit, yo!

    Like, you know, casting dispersions centered around the colonic orifice.

    Step aside, Oswald Bates.

  3. I’m two lazy too list them awl. However, I typically mentally replace fohpa’s in the proper context.

  4. Thank You. I thought so. But now I know for sure. LOL.

  5. Remember back when Joey kept mispronouncing “exponentially”, saying “expodentially”?? Well, those videos have mysteriously been purged from the internet.

  6. There was an assistant something-or-other at ABC who wrote something about the Sixteen Chapel. She didn’t last long.

  7. Yep, the writer honed right in on it.

    Particulately diffident deep-seeded witch pawn flaunting morays sorted piranha Monday set miner era unphased sense elk towed irregardless upmost dramatic scale star-craving stings metal feeble.

    Did I emit any?

  8. The headline could have read allah, instead of all a. But I still like it. I worked for a guy that owned a many million of dollars company and he had a habit of calling the sales force “loosers” in his faxes and emails.

  9. Pretty sure I know who wrote this and it was one of the readers here. LOL.

  10. Even so, it’s easier than all the irrelevant, asinine and ridiculous ‘PRONOUNS’ we’re being bombarded with.

  11. Give this to your college grad and ask them to proof read it.

  12. Time to nip this in the butt, right?

  13. My personal favorite: “irregardless”. I used to chew my subordinates out if they used that term. 80% of Americans think that is an actual word.

    Regardless, substituting words is also a sign of dementia. The Pedo does this constantly when he mumbles and slurs, especially with names.

    He was always a dimwitted douche but now he is just intolerable.

  14. What is it called when democrats deliberately misuse or redefine words and ideas to support their nefarious agenda?

  15. Remember the leader of the Old Bowery Boys Kids, and Leo Gorcey?

  16. I plead guilty and throw myself onto the misery of the court.

  17. That was funnier then hell. I could of laughed my ass off.

  18. then, a point in time than, comparative . two different words ,

  19. Sounds like a Demo politician, or WH Spokeshole.

  20. For sell, must sale, rather then, suposably……

  21. That’s a lot of serious malapropisms, Popeye couldn’t have said it better. LOL! Loved the Professor Irwin Corey bit from the Smothers Brothers. And where’s Pat Paulsen when you need him the most? Let alone George Carlin. Dese people are a bunch of overedjamacated, medicated, sertifiable, idjits. In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny “What a bunch of maroons as well as imbessils. And the doltish, simpleton Lenny from Of Mice and Men, “Which way did they go George.”

  22. to be expected, graduates of a grobama ebonics-bullshit school

  23. Hey, I resemble that remark cause I’m just a victim of soikemstance.


    Ah, takes me back to reading student essays. This one is like many I’ve seen from big inner-city HS age students.

  25. I love milk but I’m lakto-zintolerant.

  26. Jimmy's Hen Drips, Bringing The Principle to Classic Music

    Purple Days, fogging up in Maine,
    Make me feel like a teen again,
    Floppy funny, but I don’t know why,
    Scooz me while I kiss this fly!

  27. I had to stop reading it pretty early on.

    I do see the humor, but I was reminded of all the idiots I have to deal with every day.

    You have no idea how much stupid I have to straighten out every day. This just took me right there.

    Oft said phrases I might say on any given day.: “No, No, that’s not how it works. Please stop trying to help. I know you mean well, but you’re screwing things up and I’ll walk away from this job if you persist.”

  28. i was like, and they were like…at this point in time…to be honest…sk dk

  29. we must xxx…we’re not willing to xxx….can’t confirm or deny xxx…sk dk


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