Trey Gowdy Promising Surprising Results To Come Soon From Benghazi Investigation – IOTW Report

Trey Gowdy Promising Surprising Results To Come Soon From Benghazi Investigation

Any day now……. a       n        y                d                a            y             n        o     zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Pantsuits is still stalking the stage at debates receiving applause.

She can easily be in jail for a number of things, yet she’s poised to be our next president.

Gowdy, stop floating air biscuits.

We want to wake up one day to see Hillary being frogmarched in shackles for her lies, coverups, incompetence and obstruction of justice.

Until then, stop it with the carrot dangling.

28 Comments on Trey Gowdy Promising Surprising Results To Come Soon From Benghazi Investigation

  1. it’s unbelievable

    bullshit on steroids

    we’re all being played for fools

    and they wonder why trump has turned the field

    i’m madder than mad brad

  2. Trey Gowdy, that name rings a bell. Who is that again? I remember a Curt Gowdy that used to broadcast baseball games, are they related?

  3. I’m afraid ‘ole Trey’s nomination of Ryan put him in the category of GOPe dipshit. To any of his toadies or employees reading this, please tell him he screwed the pooch with that one–a term I’m sure he’ll understand.
    Oh, and his position on immigration amnesty also sucks.

  4. “… those who are plainly evil, who are clearly traitors, or who aim at tyranny are thought by all mankind to be worthy of death.”

    (one of the assassins of Euphron
    Thebes, 366 BC, “Hellenika”

    acquitted of murder

    My, how we have lost our way …

  5. So true! Sad to say, but it must be something in the water in Washington, D.C. that twists these guys’ brains.

  6. Always remember: the phrase is
    WAYS and MEANS

    If we’ve lost our WAY
    the MEANS remain…
    …such as guillotine, impalement….

  7. Maybe he and Gerdildo can get together for a special tee vee event.

    You don’t tease events like this unless you don’t have shit.

  8. Lead.
    Lead in the water.
    Worse than eating paint chips – levels.

    That, and a natural proclivity for lying and thieving.

  9. Yeah, I’m still waiting for all the fallout from Fast and Furious investigation.
    I saw where El Chapo had a .50 caliber rifle from F&F but the news just ignored it. So did the govt.

  10. they have to ignore it

    not ignoring it would be like inviting the kate steinle’s parents to the sotu

    corrupt assholes, nerve-wracking sobs

  11. I believe Gowdy Doody is playing the odds that H-Rod will be found some morning soon with her cold head on a blood-soaked pillow after suffering a catastrophic stroke caused by her brain aneurysm going KA-BLOOIE-SPLAT.

  12. The DOJ is under valjar’s control, so if valjar’s hemorrhoids should be in an active state that particular morning, her thighness’ ass and cankles may be in trouble.

  13. ☝️correct. The Benghazi hearings are the establishment’s bread and circus for us. And Trey Gowdy is an establishment d bag

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