Trump outraises Democrats in Virginia

The Bull Elephant: has another informative graphic, this time showing the amount of money raised by Presidential candidates for 2020. Click on the site link to make location maps interactive. The most money raised by each candidate is in Northern Virginia because that’s where the people and the money are.

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  1. I’m glad to see the President outraised the Dems at this stage but I wonder whether the donations to the Dems will be repeated when the final candidate is chosen or for that matter are the donation limits still in place. Collectively the Dem donations outraised the Presidents by quite a bit.

  2. There is no question that overpaid fed gov deep state/deep pocket liberals have run roughshod over this commonwealth. Sum up the donations across the dem candidates and they beat Donald John Trump’s donations.



    The democrats have purchased the senate and general assembly and they are about to overplay their hands.
    In a big way.
    Open borders
    Criminality all the way up to top
    Loose drug policy

    Virginia is in for a rough ride.
    But democrats will overplay their hand in an orgiastic spasm, because they always do. They soft peddle during campaigns, espousing moderate/conservative policy positions until they get the keys to the kingdom.

    Then they go bug fuck crazy.

    Give us some time America. Liberals will eventually horrify confused virginians and they will awaken.

    These pols are about to get sent to a dark place.

  3. Too bad the Dems will have all the dead people vote, volunteers “harvesting” votes by filling out the absentee ballot for them, and busloads of folks driving from polling station to polling station to vote dozens of times.

  4. When you discount the rabidly insane partisans who are the noisy but smaller percentage of the voters the remainder will vote their self interest.

  5. They may come up with more money but their real problem is trying to outsmart him and on that count they continue to come up with empty pockets.


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