Trump’s Cortez, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley Gambit Explained

It’s almost as if this guy has been reading my social media comments.

I agree with his analysis wholeheartedly.

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  1. You just now seeing Styx? Been watching him for a couple years now. His commentary is usually spot on.

  2. How many follow this guy compared to the msm and the morning propaganda shows. It doesn’t matter how right he is if he is drowned out by the lies coming from the left. It’s great to have these voices but something has got to be done with the msm or it’s over.

  3. Ronald Reagan once said of those protesting him, If they stop I would have to pay for replacements.

  4. POTUS Trump mentions this at the recent social media meeting at the WH. He said that he needs to be very careful with the timing of pounding on the radical Left and used the example of his Twitter comments about Warren. He’s calibrating everything for the perfect moment.

  5. He’s not wrong. And if the GOP really wants the House back, they need to tie the whole Democrat 2018 freshman class to the harpies. I have a freshman Democrat Representative, Lucy McBath, who fraudulently campaigned for a Georgia seat while residing in Tennessee. Right now, she is laying so low you’d need ground-penetrating radar to find her.

    But so are all the other freshman Dems, many of whom barely beat a GOP incumbent, in districts which went solidly for Trump. They need to be put on the spot in regards to the mean girls. I realize that the media has been ordered to avoid these freshmen, but I figure Trump could tweet a shout out to them.

  6. HaHaHa, Pelosi calls Trump Racist after AOC calls Pelosi racist after AOC calls Trump racist because Trump called AOC, etal racist. Racist and White Supremacist have lost all meaning when everyone is now called a racist or white supremacist or both for any reason.

    Trump should sue for slander all that call him this. they don’t even give a legit explanation of why they call him that.

  7. Styx will keep you busy almost every morning. He usually pumps out 3-4 videos at once around 7-8am central. He’s got some good analysis and insight, I don’t understand all the occult stuff and his music is different. However, that’s not what I watch him for.

  8. Did you hear Trump say this the other day?

    Reporter: blah, blah, blahnik, blah, make America white again.

    Trump: It was Nacy Pelosi that said, “make America white again,” it was Nan-cy Pel-osi who said that.

    Lol, he made it clear who said that, then he followed up with how it was a HORRIBLE thing to say. Truly a disgusting thing for Nancy Pelosi to say that.

  9. ain’t the ‘squad’ … it’s the ‘Gang of Four’ … referencing their Commie roots

  10. These four still have voting power in their positions. What the Democrats and cooperative Republicans want will still be passed. Although almost all members of Congress have violated their oaths of office by passing legislation that is un-Constitutional. Also the legislation being passed is NOT beneficial to the American citizens, but destructive. That is what needs to be stopped and harmful legislation nullified. What Trump has not been allowed to do, or be willing to do, is use VETO power, or Executive Orders. His EOs have NOT been being carried out by traitors around him. The whole government system has become a criminal one. The internal fighting is like Mafia families warring for complete control. The more the American people can be destroyed is what they all plan on, and are in the process of doing.

  11. He makes some key points. Especially, about how President Trump keeps forcing the Democrats, Pelosi in particular, to own up to their communist tendencies, actualized by the Marxist Jezebel quadruplets in Congress.

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