Tucker Carlson Suggests Replacing Canceled “Burning Man” With “Burning Mask” Festival – IOTW Report

Tucker Carlson Suggests Replacing Canceled “Burning Man” With “Burning Mask” Festival

Fox News

TUCKER CARLSON: The people who run the burning Man event out in Nevada just announced they will not be gathering this year, they’re too afraid of COVID. That’s obviously bad news if you enjoy body painting and interpretive dance on acid. But it also means there’s an opening on this summer’s roster of nude festivals. We see that as an opportunity. Why not replace that with burning masks?

The nakedness gathering in the desert – 5 days of totally unimpeded breathing. No more moist cotton clinging to your face, no more struggling to fill your lungs. No more mandatory suffocation. Just deep, satisfying breaths. As many as you want. Unrestricted airflow in nature. Gulp it down! It’s allowed here.


Needless to say, media outlets were not amused at the absurdity of Tucker’s proposal. Here

8 Comments on Tucker Carlson Suggests Replacing Canceled “Burning Man” With “Burning Mask” Festival

  1. Why is it that the people most willing to go naked are the ones that the rest of us are least interested in seeing?

  2. Because they’re fugly both inside and out. And they’re also afraid of catching any of the stupidity genes that these moronic convergence type of wackos might have.

  3. OT, sort of, Laura Ingram’s got one heck of a good town hall on tonight.

  4. Good. It was nothing but a Godless, pagan orgy disguising itself as “art.” Nothing further from the truth. It was absolutely horrifying to learn of that young man who was so swept up by the pyre he ran right into it and died (of course). What a terrible waste of a life. And for what? It’s always amazing to me that Progressives can give their hearts and souls to cultish, man-made religious “experiences” and “spirituality” (finding power in rocks and fetishes and people like Jim Jones and the heaven’s gate guy who thought everyone was going into another dimension with the arrival of Haley’s comet) but they are stupified by Christians who believe in an historically accurate figure.

  5. Tucker ought get off that FOX NEWS stage, and do real independent reporting.

    Sponsors are for BMX riders.

  6. Tucker should be on OAN.

  7. Why are Burning Man attendees and promoters afraid of CCP Virus? They’d all have so many meds in their systems no virus would dare enter.
    They’d all be too drunk, high and stupid to know what’s going on anyway.

  8. We stay as far away from Reno, NV when the burning man cave dwellers show up. Was there one time when the gang showed up at the hotel after weeks in the dessert. They hit the hot tube first, then play in the pool. Gross, doesn’t even come close to the the filth they left behind. Including dumping their garbage in the hotel parking lot. Disgusting people.


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