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Tutorial – How To Fold the U.N. Flag

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  1. The first 9 moves is about 2 minutes of your life you will never get back. Just wad it up and throw it away.

  2. I think they skipped the step where the person doing the folding wipes his behind with it before disposing of it properly.

  3. I’d rather send them back to Davos wrapped around the avulsed, bloody bodies of their blue helmeted storm troopers.

  4. Once again:

    When Turdeau got elected the first time I turned it upside down.
    When he got Re-Elected with his first MINORITY I pulled it down, put it in a bucket, & pissed on it until Canada day. (July 1st)
    On Canada Day it was Pulled out of a 5 gallon pale (it was horrid) & dried in the sun.
    3 days latter on the 4th of July, IT WAS BURNED.

    NEVER AGAIN on my property. I have an Alberta & Saskatchewan Flag. Those are the real Canadians (with a few others) The rest are just TAKERS!

    I hold the UN BELOW that opinion. So figure out how I would deal with that “Flag”.

  5. Cmnccguy,

    I have 2 Trump Flags (1 at office 1 in son’s room)
    A F@CK TRUDEAU – Front of house
    A 50 starts & strips – Gym room
    & a Betsy Ross – Back Window

    The back neighbour put up a solid fence last summer.
    The front Neighbour went nuts with the F-Trudeau but she actually had a Heart attack 3 months ago after her 4th Shot. (actually died)

  6. Waste not, want not! Glue it to a large piece of cardboard and use as a target backer for 500 yards…(Iron Sights) not of that pussy stuff like optics. Of course you will need something that can reach that far like .308, or better yet .338LM

  7. Wrap up every UN “peacekeeper” in that bogus flag who raped and molested women and young children, then toss these “peacekeepers” in the jailhouse trash after being prosecuted and found guilty.


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