Uh-Oh! Trump is done. VIDEO of Trump/Russia MEETING just released.

Say goodbye to President Trump. Impeachment is imminent after the MEDIA gets a hold of

this NEW VIDEO of Trump/Russia MEETING.

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18 Comments on Uh-Oh! Trump is done. VIDEO of Trump/Russia MEETING just released.

  1. Great work Mr. Pinko.

    Glad you’re on OUR side.

    Now I have to see “The Russians Are Coming” again on streaming. Comedy gold.

  2. An older wiser man told me when I was young…whenever someone is pointing the finger at someone else remember there are three fingers pointing back at them!

  3. Mr Pinko I am not able to post at your site. It may be my inadequate tech talent.

    I will not watch any more of your videos.

    It is not good to make an unexpected loud bang at the end of normal sound level video. Why? Just why? If it’s a trademark I’m sure you can come up with something quiet, like a logo.

    Relentless TMI
    But I’ll tell you why I’m not going back. Loud bangs – for nothing, out of nowhere – I don’t like it – takes me back to when I lived in the middle east and happened to be in the vicinity of a couple terrorist bombings. I don’t need that crap. Yea, and before I went overseas I dated a Vietnam vet who jumped down for cover after an unexpected bang while we were at the movies.

    Carry on, talk among yourselves, my work is done on this thread. Over and out.

  4. The end of the video where Mr. Pinko’s name is stamped down seems no different than Greg Gutfeld’s “Period.” at the end of his monologue on his weekend show. It just seems normal to me – a stamp of his approval. Very good video, Mr. Pinko.

  5. You’ve uncovered the golden footage that incriminates President Trump and his whole family.
    They will have to move to Russia, it’s so bad.
    You scooped CNN/MSNBC/NYT/WaPo/CBS/ABC/NBC etc. – they’ve searched for this evidence for months!
    (wink, wink)

  6. I recall Corey Booker recently making a fool of himself by saying Paul Revere would now be riding through the streets shouting “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!”

  7. Mr_Pinko

    Been there. Here’s a cure you will read no where but it helped/cured me. Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s dirt cheap, give it a go. Also dropped my blood pressure a ton. I’m not one of hose holistic freaks, but I swear by it.

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