Verizon responds to Bernie Sanders’ idiotic claim that they don’t pay taxes

Sanders is simply a moron firing scattershot leftist blather with absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

If you’re a corporation you’re greedy, you’re a scourge and you don’t pay taxes and you must be punished.

Verizon responded:

The senator’s uninformed views are, in a word, contemptible. Here’s why.

His first accusation – that Verizon doesn’t pay its fair share of taxes – is just plain wrong. As our financial statements clearly show, we’ve paid more than $15.6 billion in taxes over the last two years – that’s a 35% tax rate in 2015, for anyone who’s counting. We’ve laid out the facts repeatedly and did so again yesterday (see “Sen. Sanders needs to get his facts straight” at The senator has started to fudge his language – talking of taxes not paid in some unspecified “given year” – but that doesn’t make his contention any less false.

Sen. Sanders also claims that Verizon doesn’t use its profits to benefit America. Again, a look at the facts says otherwise. In the last two years, Verizon has invested some $35 billion in infrastructure — virtually all of it in the U.S. — and paid out more than $16 billion in dividends to the millions of average Americans who invest in our stock. In Sanders’s home state of Vermont alone, Verizon has invested more than $16 million in plant and equipment and pays close to $42 million a year to vendors and suppliers, many of them small and medium-sized businesses. Just yesterday, we announced a $300 million investment to bring fiber to the city of Boston,


9 Comments on Verizon responds to Bernie Sanders’ idiotic claim that they don’t pay taxes

  1. Bernie is a one trick pony. He has been blathering socialist mantra forever.
    I blame the Verizon strike on him.
    He has never had a real ‘man’s’ job.

  2. “I challenge Sen. Sanders to show me a company that’s done more to invest in America than Verizon.”

    Pow, right in the kisser!

  3. The operative phrase is “fair share.”

    Unto itself, it is meaningless.

    Verizon’s answer is that they paid their “legal” share – as opposed to their “fair” share – which, to the socialists, will appear to be “spin.” Socialists have no shame, no morals, no sense of reality – and thus, cannot follow reason or logic – and words mean only what they wish them to mean at the moment they’re muttered.

    Verizon has hired thousands of useless, affirmative-action employees in the past couple of decades, and deserves NO sympathy (a recent mayoral candidate’s, for DC, claim to fame was that she hired 800 minority employees into Verizon – ALL of whom were worthless, I’ve been told).

    A pox on BOTH their houses …

    izlamo delenda est …
    socializmo delenda est …

  4. My wife quit Verizon after our second child was born. She was a full time, stay at home mom for 13 years before returning to the work force. She just got a small raise (medical billing clerk) last month and is now making the same salary she had 30 years ago at Verizon. Say what you will, they paid well; those people on strike are nuts. Jobs like that don’t grow on trees.

  5. To a socialist like Bernie a “fair share” is at least 110%. Typically hypocritical for some one who has never met a payroll or provided a “benefit” from his own pocket. It’s so easy to spend OPM.

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