Virgin Mary Beheaded

The list of suspects include the left or Islam.

What does that tell you?

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  1. Look for a Caucasian girl, 5′ tall at most, approximate age 11-12. She’ll have long dark tangled hair, deep festering scratches on her face and evil yellow eyes. She may be cussing in a deep male voice and projectile vomiting several feet at a shot. If you see her you’d best not confront, especially if you’re drunk and near a 2nd story window. And don’t try to sneak up behind her; it just won’t work.

  2. It tells me they’ve reached the same point the Body Snatchers reached, that is they feel there’s enough of them now that they can do overtly what they formally could only do in the deep, dark, festering abscesses they call their minds.

  3. The left. In just the last two years they’ve been allowed to unlawfully assemble, riot, incite riots, assault police, besiege business owners, besiege homeowners, harass and disrupt business and municipal functions, make threats, commit assault, etc, all without any real penalty to speak of.

    In a word: lawlessness. They reap the benefits, we pay the bill.

  4. Palm Springs is known to be an area for gay resorts. This was probably a “we won!!!” thing.

    You own this, progs.

  5. The left did it.

    If Islam had done it the entire statue would have been taken out along with the church and they would have been bragging about it by now.

    I’m also sick and tired of this “for the common good” bullshit. When I hear that phrase used I instantly think of Communism/Marxism.

  6. Two years…two years. *taps chin* What happened two years ago? Oh, I know! Obongo was re-elected for the final time!

  7. Why this is Hate Crime!
    A game that can be played by all.
    When they’re caught, it won’t just be a fine for destruction of property, it’ll be jail time.

  8. MJA – seriously hope you don’t inform us with TMI RE: Bob Hope.
    My very limited knowledge of his private life is more than adequate. I shall remember him most fondly for his great efforts with the decades of USO shows..

  9. Somebody asked a couple of days ago about when the War begins? People assumed some sort of race war, but, as the events are playing out, it’s the age-old War of Good vs. Evil; the Garden, all over, again.

    The Good just haven’t realized that they’re in it, yet.

    Evil is triumphing on myriad and vast fronts, but the Good haven’t enjoined. It may be time to WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  10. Right you are, Mary Jane. This was part of the gay celebration after the SCOTUS decision. Look for more of this at a church near you. If it was my church, I might be tempted to repair the statue with a hand grenade inside, ala Wile E. Coyote.

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