AWD: Hurt him, Trump! John McCain, the worst person in Congress, has been outed for handing over anti-Trump smear material to the FBI which was found to be false. This guy. I mean, isn’t being on the ground floor of creating ISIS enough for McCain?

I won’t even get into his bringing the most obnoxious brat into the world….Meghan McCain, the Pork Chop Barbie.

John McCain is the perfect ugly face of everything wrong with Washington. A lifelong corruptocrat with dirty hands (remember the Keating Five?) with a hatred for conservatives tax payers and a love of any war with any country at any time.

Who will forget McCain disparaging grassroots Tea Party members as “Hobbits” because we dared demand Washington spend less money than it receives? Well, apparently the SRV’s (Stupid Republican Voters) in Arizona who are some of the most stupid people in the country. I’m talking Biden stupid to keep electing McCain as a Republican. more


  1. Maverick, you’ve been caught by your enemies again. This time, I’d take the free ride back home if it’s offered again.

  2. The unwitting and complicit media has raised mcCain to an undeserved lofty pedestal.

    Tenure as a Senator does not equate to knowledge or leadership, but like Unions, seniority is a determining factor for greater leadership positions and committee assignments.

    He has shown repeatedly he does not belong.
    McCain is along the same lines as Arlen Specter. A long serving progressive Republican who holds no loyalty but to himself and the special interests that fueled his reelection.

    Like Specter, mcCain may well caucus with the democrats, where corruption and betrayal are encouraged and common place.
    Betrayal and the absence of loyalty comes easy for Jihadi John when it serves his vindictive, selfish agenda.

  3. And to think my Mother gave his wife some water when she got dehydrated walking the neighborhoods of Phoenix back in 1982.

    That’s a true story, Fur

    That’s my family, Fur, that’s not me

  4. As an Arizona republican, I have to point out that about a third of us supported Kelli Ward, a conservative, to replace McCain. Unfortunately, Kelli lost in the primary, and we were faced with a difficult choice – Vote Democrat in a feckless attempt to oust McCain, or vote for McCain to keep the Republican seat in the Senate. Those of us who made that difficult choice can only hope that John “retires” before his term is up.
    In 2018 Kelli be running against Jeff Flake, who is just a bad as McCain. Hopefully, she’ll be successful this time.

  5. Call his office and demand he resign: 202-224-2235

    When you get the voice menu, press 2 to “talk to a staff member.” No staff member will answer, but you will get a chance to leave a voicemail. In your demand that he resign, don’t forget to tell him how shameful he is.

  6. McCain’s a sock-puppet.
    Sort of “The Manchurian Senator.”
    They scrambled what little brains he had and turned him to their own purposes.
    Sad that he should bring so much shame upon his name.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Stoobie, thanks for the explanation. Its now time for a recall election. Dunno how you start that in Arizona.

  8. This is just a guess but I believe the Republican central committee in Arizona is corrupt or at least seriously gone awry. The folks in Az. need to get to work on that.

  9. @Stoobie

    I was more disheartened by the overwhelming vote for McCain than anything else that happened in 2016. It made me think that this whole uprising against the establishment was just a mirage.

    But I guess Mccain’s Vietnam war heroics still resonates with people to the right of center in AZ. What other explanation is there? How could 55% of the state see through all the anti-Trump rhetoric but not see thru McCain?

    Come to think of it, after what Trump said about McCain, how can the same brain vote for both Trump AND McCain without imploding

  10. Merc, thanks for that link. The Forrestal should never be forgotten. McCain should see or hear this word every day and remember.

  11. McCainnedy keeps getting elected because of the semi liberal retired government employee transplant Republicans. It was a shame to see him beat Kelli Ward. But she has another chance when weak kneed, light in the loafers, lisping wimp Flake has to face the voters in ’18.

  12. McCain won’t caucus with the Dems (it would destroy his carefully built façade) however if he doesn’t get what he wants in terms of committee assignments he may declare himself an independent and give that a try. In any event for those calling for a recall vote you don’t get those at the Federal level. He gets to serve his full term unless impeached and removed by the Senate.

  13. The best part of John McCain ended up on the prison floor in Hanoi. He’s got to be suffering some form of dementia or psychosis as a result of all those beatings.

    Or, maybe he’s just the ultimate GOP-e insider, poster-boy for term limits.

  14. McCain, Graham, & Rubio are pretty obviously planning to swing with democrats to get personal power at the expense of everyone else, i.e. the usual.

    Say what you will about democrats, at least they don’t turncoat at the first available opportunity when it comes to other democrats.

  15. Cato – here’s a James Bond movie reference

    JB – “Spectre?”
    Dr No – “SPECTRE. Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion. Spectre.”
    JB – “No shit?”

  16. When will people on the right finally call John McCain the Tokyo Rose he truly is? The fake hero history story needs to be removed and the truth told. Period.


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