We’re Mad And We’re Coming For You in November

This piece from the executive editor of Cracked is very good. It defines the battle lines that have been drawn in bold clear colors for all to see this election season.  It really hits home.

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  1. So it seems that in spite of all he wrote he’s voting for Hillary: “I was born and raised in Trump country. My family are Trump people. If I hadn’t moved away and gotten this ridiculous job, I’d be voting for him. I know I would.”

    So fuck him, he’s part of the problem.

  2. Damn that was good. Forwarded it to many. Brick thru window. Can’t figure out this guy’s personal politics. I think he’s a reluctant lib, but he gets it.

  3. He’s right how he describes the differences.

    What more evidence do you need that the world would be improved by selectively nuking the cities and hitting the “reset” button?

    C’moooon Russia! We know you can aim that well!

    P.S. When the hell did Cracked become a place of reason and not juvenile humor?

  4. I dunno. He’s not describing me. I’m not voting out of frustration for a wrecking ball. I’m voting for the only guy that can probably fix this shit. And the line of demarcation has little to do if you live in the country or city.

  5. These people who don’t like Trump are only looking through the “Apprentice” lens. They only see “New York” values.
    Go to his website and read his positions on the issues and his plans. If he gets 25% of those done he will be considered as conservative as Reagan. If he gets 50% done he will be the most conservative president in modern history.
    I see Trump as both the wrecking ball and the construction company that rebuilds after the dilapidated structure is demolished.

  6. I just rode the Amtrak from Baltimore to Philadelphia today.
    Just miles and miles of deserted row-homes and factory buildings.
    It was really depressing.
    I agree Brad – release the shackles of regulation and taxation and this place will be buzzing in no time.

  7. Good article, it really gives life to the problems and frustrations of people in the blue areas of the country. The authors politics though are somewhat unclear with the impression that regardless of the problems the liberal urban progressives have caused and the contempt they hold the rest of the country in that he will vote for Clinton because, well, Trump. If that’s the case then kudos for illustrating the differences and a slap for being so weak minded as to ignore the source of the problems. Gee, I wonder if it was the EPA that closed his town’s refinery?

  8. @jethro – amen, I tell people over and over to look at Trump’s positions on his site and Hillary’s on her site, and to decide based upon what they would do rather than on the accusations in the news. Not that I don’t want Hillary, I mean Killary, in prison for the crimes she has done.

  9. Let the cops protect themselves. Let the military be warriors. Let little girls use the restroom without creepy dudes loitering. Let Americans be Americans in a sovereign country without foreign invaders.

    It’s really no more complicated than the reintroduction of common sense. Leftist weirdos have taken center stage and this nonsense has to stop. Right now

  10. “I’ve travelled over most of the eastern USA in the past few months.
    I can only recall one hillary sign in a yard, but THOUSANDS of Trump signs. ”

    I’ve heard that several times on the Tom Sullivan show. People that travel “Fly Over” country call in and claim this election is going to be a blow out. I hope to God they’re right.

  11. Always been a fan of David Wong’s writing since John Dies at the End. Most of Cracked has a left agenda, but every so often they let slip through an insight like this!

  12. Generally about 10x better than any “analysis” coming out of the MSM.

    “Cities can make up for the loss of manufacturing jobs with service jobs — small towns cannot.”

    This, however, is not quite right. Cities can depend on “service jobs” about like farms can live on seed corn. Everything goes fine until it doesn’t. Somebody somewhere has to do something generating net productivity. When the last person stops doing that the music stops and everybody starves. Everybody can’t live selling hamburgers to one another.

    After the Russian revolution it was the cities that starved, until they sent thugs into the countryside to loot and plunder. This time we’ll be ready.

  13. You know what hit home for me in that article? Not just what he wrote, but the graphic where it showed which counties have produced jobs in the last 16 years. And it trickled down to just a few. That is not a recovery, that is devastation. That is why Trump will win. Wages are going down, hope for the youth is fading. Rural America is what made this country great and with Gods will, it will Make America Great Again.

  14. @Bad_Brad October 17, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    > People that travel “Fly Over” country call in and claim this election is going to be a blow out.

    Even if you can ignore electoral college, voting machine, judicial (*cough* algore *cough*) shenanigans, and on – it comes down to numbers. Ten-thousand, a hundred-thousand, in the hinterlands, stocking the shelves for a million EBT cards in the city, don’t need to be considered.

    (Take a nap. Take your vitamins. Put on two pots of coffee. There’s still a hard push to go.)

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