What a world


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  1. There you go Fur. One helluva contrast. If I may–people are fucked up today. Either they didn’t get enough common sense slapped into their heads, or the opposite!

  2. Well, I care, I have to look out my window every once in a while to make sure the crazies aren’t coming after me for the comments I leave about PP. I call them PFP = Parts for Profit. A couple liberals on a news site came unglued and did some threatening at me. Thankful that I post under different names, but I don’t stop, I keep right on pushing the envelope.

  3. Who the hell named a lion “Cecil” anyway? Was that his name in Zimbabwe, or was he given that name by the press?

  4. Tell me again of how evil a back alley abortion with a clothes hanger is so evil. Because nothing could be as bad as that. Oh wait.

  5. What bullshit! Remember those great movies of old? ” King Solomon’s Mines,” Safari, Tarzan, Lions scared the shit out of people.

    I am so pissed with “The New York Post” for making this hunter, dentist, out to be an animal. The guy paid 50 grand to go on a Safari. What the fuck? The pussies are taking over. No more Safari’s Eventually no more deer or rabbit or possum hunting..

    But if you want to cornhole your buddy queer in the butt, that’s ok…

    Oh, or abort a nine month healthy baby for it’s parts. Well, that’s OK too.

    God , I beg you, before I die, give us a sign.

  6. The louder they scream – the more you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    Give `em hell, foxx,

    Revel in their sweet misery.

  7. That was Clarence, not Cecil.

    Old Johnny Carson Karnak joke:

    Answer: “Gladly the Cross I’d Bear”.

    Question: “Who replaced Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion on television?”

    ; }

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