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White People. What Are They Good For? Absolutley Nuthin’

Excellent essay by Fred On Everything about the accomplishments of despicable, deplorable, white people in response to the current atmosphere of “hate whitey (especially white men), the root of all evil- kill yourselves.”


Notes for a White Kid in University: An Introduction to the Blindingly Obvious.

…calling you a racist is an effective way of making you shut up. Do you want to be supreme over anyone? I do not. Yet other races are proud of their achievements. Why should you not be?  Ask where they would be without electricity, sterile water, telephones and–well, just about everything…..

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  1. ^ Not so much against blacks, or any other, but pro white.

    It’s an effective argument against the leftist reflexive anti-individual tactic that needs groups everyone in the worst spirit of racial bean counting to bolster and justify the White Privilege crap. Fred decided he can play that game, and he can do it all day long. Privilege is earned. So if you want to consider group accomplishment alone, here’s your list.

  2. While my ancestors were developing
    the laws of physics my new “renter”
    neighbor across the street told me
    that blacks were the master race as his
    ancestors were drinking hallucinogenic root
    juice tea and dancing wildly to the full moon light…

  3. I think he’s mistaken on white people inventing condoms. Muslims used goat intestines as early as the eighth century. Several hundred years later, the English refined the idea by removing the intestines from the goat.

  4. We owe all this the Western European and American white people.

    It wasn’t the deplorable white people living in what we now call the Balkans that excelled. Raped and pillaged by the Mongols, the muzz, the Nazis, Russia and finally the Communists. They were bombed back to the stone age by Bubba Clinton. No wait, I was there in 1980, they were still stuck in the Bronze Age.

    I knew peasants who lived in mud houses with dirt floors, had to use outside hand water pumps, no plumbing, burned wood and corn cobs for heat and cooking, had outhouses, still used horses and wagons in the fields and for transportation. Somehow they managed to get electricity but no phones, stoves, TV, AC, central heat… the choo-choo train was still the pinnacle of transportation.

    Jus sayin’

    Bravo you white Anglo Saxon deplorable bastards.

  5. Wow! Where are all the freebies going to come from, if the freeloaders eliminate the working whites?

    I know, I know, there is lots of diversity amongst taxpaying workers, but eliminate the whites and the coffers supplying the freebies will drain.

  6. Public perceptions are almost always the opposite of reality. If some group has a pride parade, that signals shame. Feminists proclaim their strength, but reality reveals the opposite. The current demonization against whites is no different.

  7. One way to improve your lot in life is to observe what very successful people do, and copy them.

    Many non-whites need to stop behaving like they’re helpless, and start copying the way successful white people live.

    i.e.- Finish School, finish college, establish a career, get married (then have children), avoid substance abuse, then raise your children to do the same.

    This isn’t rocket science. Just hard work… oh, that’s the problem.

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