And How’d Ya Like To Be THIS Guy’s Neighbor!!?!!

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  1. ‘Atrockcity’? Sorry, I couldn’t get past, ‘tore that weekend up’. How fun to be the parents of THAT, let alone the neighbors. He did more to ensure the regulation (or whatever it is) is passed, than prevent it.

  2. The new trend is to shoehorn homes into smaller and smaller developments. A slender alleyway between homes with no side yard etc. That in itself is bad enough but throw a clown like this in the mix and you become homicidal.

  3. THIS guy and his dudes are the very reason for the legislation. We used to reside in the Hollywood Hills and people would hold bashes AFTER the bars close. They charge money to get into the house party and it rages until dawn. One of my neighbors up the street often found drunk people sleeping it off in his front yard as he would leave for work in the morning (after a sleepless night!)

  4. I know I shouldn’t find it funny but I can’t help it, I laughed my butt off. Dude without getting drunk off my ass at a house party I have no courage to ask out the most beautiful girl in school. It don’t matter dude if she told me to get lost, I still did it.

  5. “what up, council?” What an effing moron. This has to be the dumbest generation in history. Well except for cavemen who at least could feed themselves.

  6. The kid’s obviosly a member of “The Future Leaders of California Club” in his high school or college. Pretty funny though, I only hope the kid was doing this as a lark or an answer to a dare and I’ll bet he’s not a Cali Snowflake.

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