Anti-gun prof calls for shooting up NRA, ensuring ‘no survivors’

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  • An adjunct professor at Southern State Community College (SSCC) is under investigation for threatening to shoot up the NRA.
  • James Pearce wrote a Facebook post on June 13 calling on other “anti-gun types” to “storm the NRA headquarters” and “make sure there are no survivors.”
  • SSCC is allowing law enforcement to investigate the case, and suggested a negative finding could be grounds for termination.



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26 Comments on Anti-gun prof calls for shooting up NRA, ensuring ‘no survivors’

  1. This reminds me of the nimrod who thought it was a good idea to rob a gun store. People this stupid actually make me sad.

  2. What’s funny is SSCC is right smack in the middle of gun-totin’ very rural southern Ohio. It’s a dipshit little college that offers associate degrees and if you are breathing, you’re accepted.

  3. Are they going to show up with their dicks in their hands? Guns are not an option for these twits.

  4. Well, o.k. – but here are the rules. You have to pass the background check for the guns and ammunition. If you have a felony conviction or mental illness or are on a no-fly list, you cannot get a gun. No “bullet buttons” on your rifles. No magazines with a capacity of more than 10 bullets. No fully automatic rifles. I believe you should get a handgun certification if you want to carry handguns in your assault. Make sure you acquire your weapons at a fully licensed gun dealer, and observe the appropriate waiting times. While planning your assault, make sure your guns remain unloaded and in an approved gun safe with trigger locks securely in place.

    Look dipshit – you want these gun laws for safety, so follow the rules.

  5. Being proficient with a fire arm is an acquired skill. Muscle memory takes lots of drills. I say give them some guns and let the best shooter prevail.

  6. @Mr. Mxyzptlk , this guy should be dressed up like Bambi and sent out in the woods when archery season starts the end of September. Better yet it’s always open season on coyote and feral pigs.

  7. Eugenia,
    Ohhhh. . .. He looks so scary and mean. That thousand yard stare really gets to me. A white pimp. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (/sarc off)

    Hey! Prof! Projection much?

  8. That dick inspector isn’t anti-gun, he just doesn’t want anybody who disagrees with his fantasies to be able to defend themselves if he decides to go full Prozac libtard with his own gun.
    Hope he dies of ass-rape in prison.

  9. This is the kind of guy who has an Eddie the Eagle hand puppet and uses it for self-pleasuring.

    Good night all.

  10. Get serious people. That guy, Pearce, should be prosecuted. The NRA should file charges against him immediately. Fuck that shit. Drag his ass into court and have him explain himself. Hit him good in the wallet.

  11. When I was at Ft. Hood about 25 years ago some idiot tried to rob the Denny’s in Kileen, just a couple miles from the main gate. I’m pretty sure he was shot by at least two, possibly three customers and the would be armed robber left the place feet first.

    I figured he must have been high or just colossally stupid to try and stick up a business that was across the street from a gun store-pawn shop in a Army base town in Texas.

    Now they’re hiring colossally stupid and possibly high people at colleges I guess, what a world we live in

  12. Eugenia – Oh, that picture! My gaydar just went ding-ding-ding.

    He really does look like a Dick. Head.

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