Bob Dylan finally picks up Nobel Prize


April 2 (UPI) — U.S. recording artist Bob Dylan officially received his Nobel Prize for Literature this weekend during a meeting with members of the Swedish Academy.

“Stockholm was the first stop on Dylan and his band’s 2017 tour, and the meeting took place in connection with his concert,” said the Nobel Prize website.

Last year, it took Dylan two weeks to acknowledge he’d been announced as a Nobel Prize winner and when he finally did publicly react to the award, he said he wasn’t sure he could make it to the ceremony where it would be presented.

In November, he said he was honored but would not travel to Stockholm on Dec. 10 to accept the most important literature prize in the world, due to “pre-existing commitments.”

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  1. Welllll, ya know, after they gave it to O’Baja preemptively, it has kinda diminished in luster to those sentient beings who are blessed with objectivity as well.
    I mean really, the rape per capita in Sweden has soared and the Swedes just cannot figure out the cause.
    Swedish women were once hot, now they cower in fear, I see a burka in their future.

  2. I saw Dylan in concert two years back.
    He has no singing voice any more, he kind of sounded like someone with a bad cold who is hoarse.
    But I am glad I saw his show.

  3. L’il Bobby Zimmerman deserves it.
    He truly changed the face of music and is still part of the common language.
    Though being a high-profile Jew in a moslem country could make one trepidatious.

    Don’t get the “Literature” part, but there’s a lot I don’t understand.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. After the Nobel Committee debased and devalued the worthiness of anything Nobel by giving an undeserved Nobel prize to an undeserving Kenyan Communist Mohammedan community organizer, then I’d say Bob Dylan has shown what he thinks about the Nobel Committee and their worthless shiny baubles

  5. “Don’t get the ‘Literature’ part, but there’s a lot I don’t understand.”

    @Tim: They thought about giving it to him for his singing voice, but they were afraid it would make them a bigger laughingstock than they already are.


  6. Bob Dylan like Leo Kottke also from Minnesota has a voice that sounds like goose farts in a rain storm. Having said that I still like his music especially the early stuff. He’s 75 now, it’s time for him and all the rest of the aging folkies and rockers to retire.

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