Hillary blames Bush, Babs blames everyone else

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We’re All Victims On This Bus

5 Comments on Hillary blames Bush, Babs blames everyone else

  1. I don’t think either one of these pampered, acrimonious, elitists knows how to make a sammich.

    From what I’ve read they enjoy tacos.

  2. even if bush caused the recession and i am not saying he did, can we at least blame obama for not getting us out of the recession? I mean it has been 7 years of laser like focus out of him on the economy right?

  3. I guess that Hillary forgot that in 2003 Bush and the GOP members of the house wanted to start an investigation into these sub-prime loans. They were warned by Barney Frank and the Democrats that if they did Bush and the GOP would be denounced as racists for denying black americans their chance at home ownership. Oh, and Barneys lover was making millions in bonus money at his job as head of Fannie Mae (or was it Fannie Mac?). It’s happening again only the ride down is going to be a lot rougher.

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