JOE HECK -Nevada Republican Senate Candidate Booed, Jeered for Dropping Support for Trump



Breitbart: Nevada Republican Rep. Joe Heck disavowed Donald Trump Saturday as he fights in a neck-in-neck race for Harry Reid’s Senate seat.

Heck’s disavowal was met with boos and jeers from Trump supporters in the crowd.

Heck, who disavowed Trump over the Access Hollywood Billy Bush comments, * has been the target of a pressure campaign involving to split the Republican ranks in the House and Senate over the candidacy of Trump.   Watch:


* On its Facebook page, the PAC features a video from a different super PAC in which a mainstream reporter asks Nevada congressman Joe Heck if he trusts Trump having the nuclear codes.

“Watch this. Share it. Then sign the petition to tell Congressman Heck to disavow Donald Trump,” says Common Defense PAC, with the link to the petition:

But the petition is actually a petition called “Joe Heck: Disavow Donald Trump.”

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  1. By the look of all the “Hillary” signs at this event, I’d say Heck never really avowed Trump to begin with.

  2. They all think they finally have Trump right where they need him and he’s going down in flames. But this isn’t your typical politician. He was supposed to be gone right after he announced his run for the presidency. And where is he now? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

    I keep hearing he sexually assaulted women. These women let him grab their goods. How do we know they didn’t grab back? Then Trump was sexually assaulted! My ex-girlfriend told me a phrase once I had never heard before. STARFUCKERS. I’m sure these women were more on the prowl than The Donald ever was.

    Trump most likely was talking about doing what he did when he was a lot younger. Not as a 60 year-old man.

  3. I am so done with the Republican Party. I have voted for the lesser of 2 evils it seems my whole life-we get them majorities in Congress and for what?

    They’re worse then mannequins. They made no effort at all to stop Obama. They fund programs that are importing 10s of 1,000s of “syrian refugees” They won’t allow enforcement of our immigration laws. They refuse to hold the DOJ or the FBI or the IRS responsible for their wanton treason. No budget in 8 years.

    My Congressman refuses to even talk about the irresponsible spending-he doesn’t give a shit, protect big ag & oil and us pee-ons can go fuck ourselves. Not that it matters in my heavily Republican district, but I’m not voting for him. And I sure fuck will never vote for Cruz.

    This guy Heck looks like he’s cut from the same cloth as McCain or Collins. He’ll go to DC and fit right in. Worthless. Half of this country has no representation in Congress, a SC on the hunt to fortify the Federal government anyway it can and an executive branch unConstitutionally legislating with EOs and no push back.

    Fuck this.

  4. I admit that I was worried when I heard the news about this stupid, irrelevant snippet of tape. There are so many stupid, hypocritical people in this country, and I thought a certain number of Trump votes might be defecting.

    Now I’m thinking that this clip may, in the weird way that Trump has succeeded so far in this oddball election, actually help him. I think a certain number of fence-sitters may have finally been slapped in the face with reality: Hillary Clinton is a smug, hypocritical bitch, and the Washington Post has its tongue so far up her ass their reporting can no way be construed as fair.

    We’ve seen this time and time again–Trump says something outrageous, lib heads explode, and he gets a bump in his poll ratings. I think by the end of this week, the numbers are going to show that this race is NOT a dead heat anymore, people finally understand what a shrill, empty pantsuit Cankles is, and how badly the news media overfavor her.

  5. I like the Chachi defense (told to Judge Jeannine yesterday):
    “That was back when he was a Democrat, so he gets a pass.”

  6. Wow. Impressive. Not.

    If he needed a cheat card to say this little thing – it wasn’t a conviction of the heart.

    Clap your cymbals, pandering monkey. Clap away.

    Trump wins Presidency, GOP loses Congressional majorities. Why?

    Because the precedent has been set that the POTUS can LEGISLATE thru EOs etc. And the GOP has proven that THEY are the worst of the traitors in government and they can all go to hell.

    Once Trump starts the U-turn, a new party can be formed: one which wants to represent the MAJORITY of Americans who are center-right, law-abiding, freedom-loving, productive humans.

    The current “two-party” system went totally corrupt decades ago. That is obvious now.

  8. Turncoat Joe Heck just lost my vote after turning on Trump. All you socialist minded people be careful what you wish for. Hate to see more democrats in office though.

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