Sheriff Clarke On Rally Protestors

“Look at some of the language and rhetoric by Mrs. Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders at their rallies and debates. They criticize the police, attack the police, they stoke up racial animosity. The president of the United States is the one that created this division, stoking up racial discord, class warfare, gender warfare for the last 8 years. For people to blame this on Donald Trump is way out of bounds.” – Sheriff Clarke

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  1. This is a black man that can live on my block anyday.

    OTOH did you catch the nigger at the beginning of the tape throwing down. That’s why I generally stay away from these type of events. I’ve been pulled from a melee and have looked around and said WTH happened?

  2. MM,

    LOL, the white kid had skills. He did a good job slip that punch and was right back in the dudes face. I’m thinking he could have won that contest easily.

  3. This was allowed to happen in Chicago and was anticipated and known by chicago’s twinkle toes ballet mayor and senior law enforcement.

    It’s just corrupt chicago style politics which matches its violence and murder rate. Chicago is another corrupt democrat shit hole beyond correction.

  4. There’s niggers and there’s black men and this is a distinction that has been explained to me by black friends that I’ve had on the books for years while they were in prison. One for 17 years.

    So I choose my words carefully Fur and I know a nigger when I see one.

    That mofo was a nigger. He had his left down and I would have knocked his nigger dick in dirt. Cocked hat and all.

  5. There is black trash, but there are no longer any niggers in the US. The Republicans put an end to that nonsense long ago.
    MM; I was born in Oakland CA. You have a misunderstanding of the vernacular and the way blacks deal with class distinction.

  6. You’re delusional and I mean dangerously delusional, like you will get yourself hurt or killed delusional-JohnS-truly you are out of touch to put it kindly-did you see the street video on Oakland the other night?

  7. MM; you obviously don’t live here!
    My shop is a stones throw from the Coliseum in the heart of east Oakland. I do work in the projects and deal with the entire cross section of people here on a daily basis.
    With your attitudes you would be wise to not walk the projects alone. You are probably best off not coming around at all as if you got in a jam and I was around I would be obligated to extricate you from it.
    Outsiders that ‘talked to a couple of black people’ are in serious danger for their lives around here.
    Actually, if you act like a human being and give minimal respect for those around you, Oakland is not that dangerous a place. However, if you start tossing the N word around you better have Smith, Wesson, Colt, and a few more friends at hand if you want to get out with your skin intact.

  8. Not that I like calling someone a nigger unless they truly deserve it. Many deserve it too.

    My main issue is that a protected class can use it at will.
    In a rap song, or as a term of endearment “my nigga” etc.

    It is a word…a fucking word!
    I cannot utter a fucking word?
    It exists in MY lexicon and will until I die.

    Bottom Line:
    It shouldn’t be exclusively used BY OR AGAINST blacks.

  9. Meanwhile, back to Sheriff Clarke… I only wish he was in charge of all LEOs. He is the best! I disagree with him on only one point- Donald Trump isn’t the biggest threat to these people, he’s the ONLY threat to these people.

  10. Yes JohnS I VERY obviously don’t live there-in fact you couldn’t pay me to live there or anywhere for that matter where there is such a high concentration of low life thugs(niggers), illegals and your general street criminal.

    The question that most readily comes to mind is WTF exactly are you doing living there?

    You’re OBVIOUSLY the one not paying attention. Good luck with that pal.

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