University of Denver Creates Animal Law Professorship


CI- Justin Marceau doesn’t eat animals. He represents them.

And starting this fall, he will teach University of Denver law students to do the same, thanks to the school’s new Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) Professorship. Marceau is the first recipient of the professorship, which DU says is the only position of its kind in the country. MORE

4 Comments on University of Denver Creates Animal Law Professorship

  1. There are plenty of sexually assaulted goats and camels in mohammadland. Of course, he wouldn’t last very long if he showed up and tried to represent them; he’s have cinder block head gear on no time.

  2. Will he represent the baby humans and their right to not be dismembered alive?

    Oh, not those animals. They don’t have rights, unlike an earthworm.

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