$12 Trillion Hole

Stephen Moore asks “what do we have to show for ourselves after 7 years of Obamanomics?”

Obama has nothing but one disappoint after another for a legacy.






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  1. No snarky comment here, just…thanks. Thanks for posting this. I believe it is far worse than generational theft, it is generational destruction. Current policies are not only penalizing savers (yeah, just try to live on your savings with ZIRP in play), but making sure any rate hike (which will HAVE to come) will destroy the economy (yeah, let’s see what happens when government is forced to pay more for the money they borrowed and wasted).

    This is, in my opinion, the single greatest issue confronting us. But according to the media, you should be focused on the antics of Brucelyn Jenner.

  2. The only thing Republicans really need to say next year is:
    Welcome to the Øbamboozler’s philosophy of Trickle Up Poverty where a worthless, no-records, Treasury-looting, economy-wrecking, Healthcare-destroying, Benghazi bullshitting, Peace-Prize stealing, selfie-posing, productivity-obstructing, Bullgarian-speaking, monument-Barrycading, Constitution-stomping, divisive, radical, community-organizing, Al-Qaeda appeasing, Jihad-coddling, taqiyah sunrise-drinking, dithering, weak, flat-footed, lawless, phoney-baloney, tone-deaf, bitch-slapped, pussy-whipped, plastic banana republic socialist door-knob actually thinks it’s possible to spend the country into prosperity!
    That really worked out well, uh?
    So as you go to the unemployment office today you really need to ask yerself the following question:
    “Are you more likely to be out of work, broke, used, targeted, beaten, robbed, shot at, lied-to, knifed, screwed, decieved, cheated, depressed, spit on, infected or just plain fucked today than you were eight years ago?

  3. I want to know how the left can claim the federal deficit is much lower today than it was 7 years ago? I know that’s bullshit, but how are they manipulating the numbers?

    I need this information so I can “educate” a few otherwise good people who believe this lie. If you just look at the numbers the gov puts out, it seems like the deficit has decreased significantly.

    But there is no way we’ve added all this spending to the national debt and simultaneously the deficit has gone down. So where/how is this slight of hand taking place?

  4. Steve Moore crafted Rand Paul’s tax plan that everyone was raving about. The only thing they didn’t mention in all the glowing reviews was the VAT Moore included.

    He’s a WSJ RINO.

  5. As a little bit of pre-Halloween horror, take a look at interest paid on the debt for 2015.


    Now, keep in mind this is at historically low interest rates. Let’s round that figure down to 400 billion dollars. What do you think will happen to the budget when, not if, current interest rates rise?

    Ka-boom. But hey, the rainbow lights work on the White House a few hours after a Supreme Court decision, and that’s what’s really important.

  6. The same way the Left will tell you that over 94 million people out of work equals 5.1% unemployment in a county with 319 million! Not even Common Corn Math is that whacked!

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