Anatomy of a NY Times Hit Piece

A girlfriend of Donald Trump was used and abused in a NY Times hit piece and she’s speaking out.

She told the Times a charming story of how she met Trump and how he was a perfect gentleman. In the story Trump asks her if she brought a bathing suit to a party he was throwing at his Florida mansion. She didn’t, so Trump provided one. When she came out to the pool he announced, “now that’s a stunning Trump girl.”

She loved the experience, every bit of it. The Times spun it to make it seem like Trump was an ogre and that she was appalled.

This is our press at work —>


15 Comments on Anatomy of a NY Times Hit Piece

  1. But the thing is, nobody cares. Trump voters don’t give a rats ass. Ask the Coal Miners. Unless he’s got some neked pictures of some of these women, we don’t care. Nobody cares.

    Trump, 2016. Sooner hopefully.

    Dear Bob Woodward, fuck off asshole.

  2. I wonder how many women were forcibly raped by Bill Clinton, and then attacked by Hillary to keep them quiet, during this same time period?

  3. Something similar happened to Hillary. She showed up to a pool party in a bikini, and the Host asked her to change into a pantsuit.

  4. The New York Times, “All the news that fits.” That’s how National Review used to think. Now they are hand in glove. Fuckit!

  5. How many reporters were told to make up stories ?? We have close to a hundred more coming !!

  6. Made up stories? You betcha!
    It’s gonna be like Bat Day at the ballpark!

    Caution: The ones with Hillary’s signature on them may fly away…on their own!

  7. Hey, when the anti is $250,000 to enter the game of a libel suit against the Slimes, and it will take years before a decision is rendered, and by then who gives a rat’s arse, the business model is make the story up if it isn’t about a tribe member.

  8. NYT is owned by Mexican Carlos Slim who gets hundreds of millions from the government Obamaphone contract – which was extended to include illegals last year.

    Who do YOU think the NYT wants to win?

  9. A friend of mine who is a friend of a friend of Harry Reid’s son, told me that a friend of his who is a reporter for the NYT Donald said that doesn’t pay his taxes.

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