Bacterial infections from masks have the same symptoms as covid. – IOTW Report

Bacterial infections from masks have the same symptoms as covid.

14 Early Signs of Legionnaires Disease:

Kevin R-

You can get a bacteria infection from masks. It has the same symptoms as covid. You can have covid antibodies and they will diagnose you with covid but you are suffering from a bacterial infection from your mask.

Someone called in to Rush today and said this is what happened to his wife. They thought she was on the verge of death from covid. He insisted they test her for more than just covid and they found she had Legionnaires Disease.

She was treated for that and fine the next day.

How much of this surge is actually bacterial infections caused by masks? I suspect a lot of it is just that.

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  1. Bill and Melinda Gates’ reply: “Whatever gets the job done until the vaccine purges the Earth.”

  2. I’m sitting in an emergency vet clinic right now wearing a damn mask that I said I wouldn’t. When they give you the choice of wearing a mask or they won’t see your sick animal. What would you do? I caved.

  3. I observed a male and female jogger both wearing masks this afternoon.

    Can you believe this shit? ‘You cannot make this up’…

  4. I really have been screaming this for months! My husband had a huge brain abscess years ago (that was initially diagnosed as a cancer). He got it from an abscessed tooth (that had been treated poorly). Now, what does this have to do with this story? When they cultured the abscess, it grew about 10 aerobic and anaerobic pathogens that are commonly found in our mouths! You are rebreathing these pathogens every time you put a mask on especially when it gets damp.

  5. i went to wallyworld today and the young woman at the “single” entrance stated that i could not enter without a mask, so with my “death to everybody” resting bitch face i showed her my “card” from Dianny and she promptly said “oh, yes sir come on in”….. fukc em all……

  6. I wear the mask when I talk to customers or go into their offices for service calls.

    They want it, they get it.

    Along with a $5 surcharge on EVERY INVOICE.

    I must have sold the same mask 50 times this month and it gives me documentation for the asshole government that I’m a good little soldier.

    Fuck Em!

    You want a dog and pony show, I’ll lead the fuckin parade!

  7. Ghost, watched a guy last night walking down our rural road by himself wearing a mask.
    One of the little checker girls at the grocery store told me she thought her mask was making her sick. I told her she was probably right and it could be dangerous.
    What a joke.

  8. I went to the urgent care first thing Wednesday morning. I’m at home until I’m told I do not have Covid19. It could be 7-10 days until I hear back. I have no typical symptoms that are reported as associated with Covid19. Some occasional wheezing is what I went in for.

    My issues began around the time I started complying with mask-usage at work. I’m on a Z-pac and taking Robitussin. Was prescribed an inhaler but I’m not currently using it. We shall see.

    From the beginning, I could not breath well with a mask. I even said to coworkers – this can’t be good for prolonged periods, to be re-breathing this moisture and sputum, especially if one did have the beginnings of a bacteria or virus. Straight back into the lungs. Everyone just was like “whatever.”

  9. I went into the store today and a nice little girl asked me if I wanted a mask. I said no thanks, I have one in my pocket. That was the last anyone said about masks.

  10. I just bought a camo bandana that I might wear if I’m asked. I’ll wear it like a train robber….hell, it’s camo, how are they not going to think that I’m a tree?….

  11. I wonder if we will hear about the number of people that are being treated for ailments due to mask wearing? 🤔Nope, cricket’s.

  12. The mask I wear at work visually kicks ass and where I work kicks ass too BUTT I hate wearing the thing. Fortunately, the environment I work in keeps me distracted from it and I fricken mean DISTRACTED. 🥳

  13. I went to a restaurant today, and the sign said you must wear a mask before entering. So I put on my Yada Yada Yada 😷 mask, sat down and immediately took it off, had it on for 30 second’s.

    What the hell am I going to catch, between walking from my car to the table in the restaurant? Then there were people still wearing their mask’s in the restaurant, you can’t fix stupid. I am so over this BS! 😵

  14. This is what Rush was talking about today:

    Roy W. Spencer (Facebook post)

    A COVID-19 story & the dangers of politicizing a virus:
    I just asked a friend in a major U.S. city who owns a successful medical testing business his opinion about masks. He is on the advisory board to one of the top hospitals in the country (you’d recognize the name), and is an expert in immunology, epidemiology, and a couple other medical-ologies. His wife is an ER nurse. They both believe that the public wearing masks is probably doing more harm than good, because cloth masks are being reused, laid down on unsanitary surfaces, and recycling bacteria from the wearer.
    But that wasn’t the main point he wanted to make.
    He told the story of a friend whose wife recently got very sick with COVID-like symptoms and was admitted to a very good hospital in the city. She was told she had COVID by three top medical professionals.
    The husband called my friend to say her health was failing and was not expected to live. My friend told him to INSIST she be tested for other illnesses. They did, and discovered she had Legionnaires disease, which is bacterial, not viral. She was treated and released a day or so later.
    (He also related that he has personally known more people to commit suicide in recent months than have had COVID.)
    COVID-mania is causing harm. “Following the science” means making rational decisions, but when the government pays hospitals extra $$ for having COVID patients, you can bet that every illness will suddenly look more like COVID than before the financial incentive existed.

  15. “… They both believe that the public wearing masks is probably doing more harm than good, because cloth masks are being reused, laid down on unsanitary surfaces, and recycling bacteria from the wearer.”

    This is exactly what I said to people weeks ago and likened it to all the “cloth shopping bag” people I met when I worked in California. People who were “protecting the environment” from those plastic bags but who were also carrying around nasty shit in their unwashed cloth bags…and self-righteousness.

  16. Another issue is if you even get any virus in your mask and you keep wearing it you inevitably breathe it deep into your lungs and risk getting very ill. Any lint, dirt, everything going deep into your lungs. If I’m forced to put one on I move it under my nose as soon as I’m passed the checker. I’m not going to allow them to compromise my health.

  17. @Ted Nougat—

    “From the beginning, I could not breathe well with a mask”

    A friend of mine had the same problem. He was required to wear his mask at work—through his entire 8-hour shift—and had trouble breathing every day because of that. Then he started having anxiety and panic attacks because he couldn’t breathe. His place of work wouldn’t let him take off the mask, even when he was alone in his office. He finally was able to get out on a medical leave, with the help of his doctor. Their loss, his gain.

  18. @ANN

    I appreciate that. What I experienced Tuesday afternoon was what I would consider, in part, panic-attack symptoms (as I understand them). I told the boss “I have to leave” and I did. As soon as I sat down in my car, which was stifling hot inside, I began to feel better.

  19. @Ted—

    If the problems persist, you should definitely talk with your doctor. But perhaps you can convince your boss to let you keep the mask off as much as possible, to avoid medical “complications”.

  20. A mask has never touched the beauty of my face!! I won’t give in. I won’t cave. If anyone offers me a mask I politely say thank you and take it, but never put it on. Fuck the government, fuck the ORANGE MAN BAD brigade. I am a damn free woman. I’d rather starve than cave.

  21. When the flu starts killing people this season, and they purposefully misdiagnose it as COVID and peeps stop getting the flu vaccine…..and then the flu starts killing mega numbers of people, but they call it Rona. Wow. The implications are dire.

  22. I kept saying this over and over to anyone who would listen – or overhear. The danged thing are dangerous for civies to wear. Medical people have some need for them and know enough to change them and keep them clean – maybe. I can only imagine what’s on the mask I have in my purse but never put on my face. I have to hang it on one ear to satisfy the chemo shop until I get into the office and out of the waiting room.

  23. I worked in missions for 20 years in China, where the pollution is a serious health danger. I and most people wore masks whenever out and in most public places. Even when exercising. Not these little cloth masks that let air in and out all around but tight N-95 masks to filter out dangerous particles. No one got sick. People were not having trouble breathing (except when they took them off). Everyone in Hong Kong-as well as the surgery personnel who regularly wear masks for many hours at a time, and the professional painters, and the people who spend their days masked up against dust from wood, bricks, etc-can testify that most of this worry about masks making you ill is all in your heads. If you don’t want to wear one for political reasons, fine. If you don’t want legionnaires, don’t wash your mask in water with the (water-borne) legionelle bacteria.


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