Black Lives Matter Students at NYU Demand “Reparations” from College – IOTW Report

Black Lives Matter Students at NYU Demand “Reparations” from College

Outlining a list of demands published on DeRay Mckesson’s “The Demands” and on Black Liberation Collective, Black Lives Matter students at New York University are now demanding “reparations” from the college.

The “Students of Color of New York University,” some under the group “the Black & Brown Coalition,” listed their demands to the college.

Black Lives Matter Protesters during the summer of 2015
Black Lives Matter Protesters during the summer of 2015

One demand is “mandatory inclusion of the Black & Brown Coalition in all discussions on Campus Diversity and all Student Policy.”

Another is “mandatory allocation quotas for clubs, departments, and programs for Students of Color, LGBTQ, and groups otherwise included within Black & Brown Coalition from the University in the form of significant lump sum budgets to demonstrate true commitment and prioritization of students of color, queer students, and other marginalized communities on campus.”

The group is also calling for “reparations.”

“13. Reparations,” the list of demands reads. It calls for buildings to be renamed “for POC or people of marginalized communities in the US who have been leaders in activism and advocacy of oppressed groups, OR leaders of equal style and caliber from the Global South.”

Then, for unnamed buildings, “Give a name to at least half of as of yet unnamed Residence Halls and academic buildings in honor of social and political activists of color both in the US and abroad, taking into consideration the diverse community of the university, and having the selection of such be achieved and agreed to by both the Black & Brown Coalition and NYU Administration.”

Among other demands, the group is calling for “9. Perpetual, continuing education on diversity for all university members that exists outside of a module format” and “10. NYU must reflect on its role in gentrification and so contribute to the anti-gentrification process via financial and personnel investment.”

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  1. Well, one has to consider the cost of the demanded reparations.
    Should we go with re-loaded 9mm at around $ .25 a round?
    Or be sure and go with Hornady Critical Defense 115-grain at around $ .85 a round.
    I say spend the extra money and be sure.

  2. “mandatory allocation quotas for clubs…” ….as in the football team, the basketball team, the track team….

    …yeah, didn’t think so …. Hypocrites

  3. Molon Labe, the University should completely go there and see how long it lasts. Pass full quotas everywhere NOT based on university makeup but on national percentages, so all athletic teams MUST BE 60% white, X% Asian, etc. Also, all playing time must be equal, so you can’t bench the weaker athletes. Also, at least 60% of all scholarships should be going to whites, including athletic scholarships. I would also add that at least 1% of all athletic teams must be someone from the LGBTQMOUSE coalition.

    If you are going to apply it, apply it equally across the board.

    Start next year like that and you’ll start to hear people HOWL!

  4. Reparations…so, like, free money, right?

    Say for instance, welfare, food stamps, and both employment and educational affirmative action (plus free scholarship money!) dating back to the 60’s?

    Does that count? 50 years of payoffs to the black community? Are we straight now?

  5. How about quit being whiny bitches and make your own way ? Sick of your safe space bullshit. DM said it best : Life is a contact sport. Wear a cup.

    Man up, you cisgendered teary-eyed pussies.

  6. Here’s your ‘reparations’:
    Every time you call a certain phone number any where in this wide country (911) somebody will come find out if you’re OK.
    Every time you go through a traffic light on the Green, you can pretty much count on the fact that the opposite traffic light is Red.
    You can buy products in America that say ‘sealed for your safety’ on the label; and they are.
    If you get sick from someone’s negligence, you can sue them and receive money for your damages.
    Try that shit in Africa

  7. 2 step reparation program:

    1) Give them all a million bucks pre-tax.
    2) Roundup the majority for tax evasion.

  8. Is this a typo or a mis-identification?

    “Another is “mandatory allocation quotas for clubs, departments, and programs for Students of Color, LGBTQ, and groups otherwise included within Black & Brown Coalition from the University”…

    Shouldn’t they be called the “Black and BrownEye Coalition”?

  9. In the long run this will save money. Offer each black person one million
    Dollars. BUT. They must leave the country and never return.
    Maybe they could find a country with less white people.

  10. That would be the source of enormous levity. I would love to watch that on daytime reality like Judge Judy. Must make one added reform to that, they must pay the penalty for argument.

  11. Dumbasses should be demanding preparations – as in for when life and reality comes at them with a vengeance. Otherwise, they can take another choom hit and passively await their demise.

  12. Repatriate their sorry black butts to the Congo….give them a feather duster for protection and food providing and toss in some gay Barky speeches…and tell them we are so happy they are doing this….now fook off ya twats n twits…

  13. I would, but I’d tell ’em it is a mixture of black opiated Afghani hashish and bath salts, and if they’d smoke it for a half hour it’d make them feel invincible.

  14. An now for a moment of diversion, anagrams for “reparations” include:

    – Aorta sniper
    – Sorta rapine
    – Pirate arson

    And on a whimsical note:

    – A snot rapier

  15. You’re a student at NYU and live in a nation whose government has laws in place which prohibit any form of discrimination against you, merely on the basis of your skin color, and you’re oppressed and marginalized?

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Yooooooouuuuuuuuu.

  16. I think they have the word ‘reparations’ confused with the words ‘beatings’ and ‘expulsions’ – which is hardly surprising for black studies majors.

  17. actual statistics show that black lives don’t matter to black PEOPLE at all…..most of them would rather kill off other black people than be bothered with whites or hispanics or asians…

    not that they’re in any way averse to killing off other races….it’s just, they seem to have much less difficulty killing off members of their own race……

    to be fair, whites are also more likely to kill other whites then to kill blacks……


  18. To be safe, the university should give reparation to these students if they graduate with a C- or better average in a major other than black, woman, queer or urban studies. They could get double reparations if the graduate with a D or better in a science (not sociology or psychology, but a real science). And I would also agree with others, give them all a one way ticket to cuba, the congo or some other socialist paradise where they won’t feel oppressed because there are successful white people are around them. Good luck to all the POC (or is that POS ?).

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