Breaking- Contested Outcome in Arizona

Marc of Texas@RyteSyde. – They have overridden the “certified” results and will appoint electors themselves. It will probably get challenged in court, which is fine. It’s their Constitutional prerogative and has been found plenary, meaning they absolutely have the power to do so.

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    I feel like my Viking ancestors did when they discovered Lindisfarne…..and decided to burn that sh!t to the ground.

  2. Another front on the war on election front – totally separate from any of the Trump filings. The state of Texas has filed a lawsuit directly with the SCOTUS, against MI, WI, GA and PA. Shit’s getting real.

    I believe that Team Trump will reveal names, dates and places when their appeal is heard at the SC that will rock and rattle the commie subversives like no one could imagine. They are waiting for the right time for maximum impact and minimum blowback.

  3. I’ve been following Thomas Wictor on YouTube throughout this whole election freak show. “Finding” him, like me “finding” this website years ago, was God pointing me in the right direction. His insights on PRESIDENT Trump are unassailable and I encourage ANYONE here who is discouraged to watch all of his videos. He, without any doubt whatsoever, believes PRESIDENT Trump intercepted the raw vote count through the military as it went overseas. Plus, he saw this coming years ago and laid out the “Mother Of All Tiger Pits.” I recommend starting with this one…

  4. Fur, All — It is right that if we aren’t already doing so, that we henceforth refer to broadcast and print media (except for a few) as “Legacy Media.” Look, if they want to relegate themselves to irrelevancy through their decision to not truthfully and fully inform the public,they shouldn’t be called “the media”, anymore.

  5. So, they appoint Biden electors to quash the fraud claim completely.
    Somehow, I can see that happening with enough McCain RINO’s.

  6. agree with Brad I don’t think we’ve seen the real raw evidence yet

    where is gina haspel?
    I read somewhere she was at the CIA data center the night of the raid
    is she already at gitmo?

    2/3 of this country wholeheartedly REJECTED the left and that 1/3 is trying to jam their evil deviance down our throats, have us pay for it, and beg for more

    shit’s about to get real, prepare for it

  7. If Trump pulls out a win, the commies and their syncophants will turn to armed rebellion. Which will be quickly put down, IMO.

  8. Is this an official act of the Arizona House? I ask be cause both the AZ House and Senate are closed due to Chinese Bat Virus (Chinese money and influence of leaders is a whole nother matter). What is the follow up?

  9. Just thanking that ” pre-Cambrian* media” is a far more accurate term then legacy media.

    * Geologic term for the ancient past

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