Critics See ‘Equality Act’ as ‘Endless Lawsuit Machine’


New civil rights legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that would extend protection to LGBTQ individuals would also undermine First Amendment free speech rights while opening the door to religious-based discrimination, according to conservative critics.

The proposed “Equality Act,” known as H.R. 5, was introduced March 13 by Rep. David N. Cicilline (D-R.I.).

The measure would add “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to the classes protected against discrimination by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, outlawing discrimination against all protected classes in employment, housing, public accommodations, education, jury service, banking and credit, and retail stores.

“In most states in this country, a gay couple can be married on Saturday, post their wedding photos to Instagram on Sunday, and lose their jobs or get kicked out of their apartments on Monday just because of who they are,” said Cicilline, an openly gay man. “This is wrong. We are reintroducing the Equality Act in order to fix this.”

Cicilline’s comment on the plight of gay couples leaves out what critics say are the adverse effects and unintended consequences of his law.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) criticized H.R. 5 at a recent congressional hearing on the bill, by highlighting the chaos that could follow legal protection for a person’s self-defined gender identity.

What if, for example, President Donald Trump decided to declare himself the country’s “first female president”? Gaetz wondered aloud, according to The Washington Post. Under the act, referring to Trump as a man—or in politically correct parlance, “misgendering” him—could be unlawful.

“What happens when sex is defined as gender identity, and gender identity is terribly vague?” Gaetz said. “Will all sex-based distinctions be erased? … Would grants for female-led businesses or programs for women in STEM fields suddenly be open to all persons, whether they believe or not that they identify as a woman?”

And as Paul Mirengoff writes at the Powerline blog, state laws similar to the Equality Act have undermined constitutionally protected fundamental freedoms.

Such laws have been used to shutter “Catholic adoption agencies that only place children with a mother (biologically female) and a father (biologically male).”

Government officials have used them to force people in the wedding industry, such as bakers, photographers, and florists, to render services at same-sex marriage ceremonies, even when the service providers have a religious objection to such marriages.

Even before the 1979 failure of the ratification of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment, which would have enshrined social engineering on the basis of sex in the U.S. Constitution, left-wing activists have been trying to use civil rights laws to impose radical egalitarianism on society.

Tina Trent, a former candidate for District 26 of the Georgia General Assembly, told The Epoch Times that the Equality Act “is an endless lawsuit machine.”  more

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  1. If people are people aren’t we all covered by existing law?

    They are just looking for an issue Soros’ bought and paid for racist District Attorneys can use to further their Marxist agenda.

  2. …Cloward/Piven. They’re just trying to overload the system so the mess becomes SO huge, only an omnipotent Government will ALL the power (AKA Communist) can fix it.

    …and they’re doing a fine job of it, too…

    …here’s a 50 year old cartoon that tells you EXACTLY how they operate (ignore the first part with the stills, it gets better)…

  3. …I just sent an email to a person I did not know using the “MR” honorific because the contact email I was given was just a first initial and a last name@COMPANY.COM, as most are. When it came back, I found it was actually a female (who did not have a problem with it). If she DID have a problem with it, though, or it was a tranny…would this be a Federal lawsuit and time in Leavenworth?

    …So many questions…

  4. I, for one, welcome our new beardy overlords. “There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is his messenger.” Now! Can I help man the gallows?

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