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Book claims Bill Clinton tried to force himself on Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Bill Clinton 'tried to seduce Jackie Kennedy at her New York apartment'

Bill Clinton (left) once tried to seduce Jacqueline Kennedy (right) at her New York apartment despite the 17-year age gap between them. The former President ‘almost forcibly’ tried to have sex with the former First Lady despiteher protests, a new book claims. Mrs Kennedy, who was in her 60s at the time, said that she and Mr Clinton nearly got into a ‘wrestling match’ before she was able to throw him off. She told a friend that Mr Clinton was just like her late husband John F Kennedy – who was notorious for his affairs – as both would not take ‘no’ for an answer.


One day I will rape your wife.

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  1. Bill Clintons name is synonymous with RAPE and his image immediately strikes fear into his many victims and millions of other women.

    Hitlery supports Bill Clinton. Bill supports and endorses Hitlery. Therefore, anyone that supports Hitlery endorses rape.

    All colleges must immediately erase him for every aspect of college life and his name must not be spoken or included in any exams or class work because it potentially could hurt the feelings and condone rape in the minds of any past, present, or future student that may know, read of, hear about, imagine, or pretend to know, or know someone else that knows of, an alleged rape victim. And since we are told all sex is rape, even consensual, that means every female in the world.

    Bill Clinton is an offensive microagression trigger that violates safe spaces for children on college campus’, All professors and administrators must forbid use of his name immediately.

  2. And the idiots will put him back in the white house again. Stupid, ignorant fools. I looked in my Websters under perversion and there was slick’s picture.

  3. No female is safe until this Letch is put away…any where, jail, prison, and take that abetting lesbo Hildabeest with him. Anyone other than a Clinton would already be awaiting trials and sentencing.

  4. “You’ll love it, Jackie … it’s got a crook in it like this! You have a little crook in ya? Would ya like one? C’mon, baby, kiss it … kiss it!”

  5. Bill Clinton would nail the ‘crack of dawn’ or the ‘crotch of a tree’ if he thought he could get away with it! He’s a sick person, as is his enabler, Hitlery.

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