Delingpole: Wind Turbines Can Harm Heart, Says German Professor

Breitbart: Wind turbines are terrible for the health of the millions of birds and bats they slice and dice every year – and they’re not much good for humans either: they can even stop your heart working properly.

This was the conclusion of an experiment conducted recently by a medical team in Mainz, Germany, led by Professor Christian-Friedrich Vahl.

Interviewed in Allgemeine-ZeitungVahl said that the Low Frequency Noise generated by wind turbines can weaken the heart muscle and change the blood flow.

According to NoTricksZone:

Prof. Wahl became interested in infrasound and its impact on health after a friend who lived near a wind park had complained of feeling continuously sick. It is known that all around the world people living near wind parks often experience health issues – some being severe.

The group led by Prof. Vahl conducted an experiment to find out if infrasound has an effect on heart muscle strength. Under the measurement conditions, the force developed by isolated heart muscle was up to 20 percent less.

The strength of the heart muscle is important in the event the aortic valve becomes caked up and thus more narrow. According to Dr. Vahl: “This changes the blood flow and the flow noise.”  more here

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  1. Hey, hippies…remember when you made the navy stop using low frequency sonar because it was hurting the whales? You might want to listen to the windmills out in the ocean.

  2. When these doofuses (doofi?) drive around with their stereos cranked, that boom, boom, boom actually makes my heart hurt. So yeah, sound hurts the heart.
    And what about that mysterious music they can’t trace on the east coast that is harming peoples health?

  3. “And what about that mysterious music they can’t trace on the east coast that is harming peoples health?”

    Rap? I thought that had contaminated both coasts.

  4. not arguing about the low freq sound hazard…
    do you know how the bird/bat death count is arrived at??
    the “experts” took the number of bird deaths in one year at the altimount pass sight(which has first generation units), devided the total deaths by the number of units AT THAT SITE, and assigned that number to ALL UNITS IN THE COUNTRY.
    that means a unit in Indiana, in an area that hasn’t seen an eagle in 100 years, is credited with killing the same number of eagles as those in California.
    the kill count is as bogus as the globull warming charts al gore presented. I suspect the same method was used to get the bat count, equally as bogus

  5. xtron.. This reinforces the fact that windmills should be subject to the same environmental impact site studies as any other proposed project. These are site specific. Oh.. and let’s eliminate the taxpayer funded subsidies while we are at it. If it’s good, it can stand on its own.

  6. Birds use wind currents to aid in their sometimes very long migrations. The wind farms plant their turbines in exactly the same areas to capitalize on those same winds. Birds die in their thousands………….imagine that!

  7. We have the same problems with the bombardment of microwave radiation that has become ubiquitous. Many studies have shown them to be harmful but it’s not likely to slow it’s use.


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