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Do We Have Any Teeth, Do We Have Any Nails?

The Hill

Senate Republicans quickly pledged Thursday to fight to repeal ObamaCare in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling upholding the law’s federal subsidies.
The Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that 6.4 million people can continue to receive subsidies that allow them to purchase healthcare plans, handing a victory to the Obama administration.
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) said Republicans will “continue to fight tooth and nail to repeal” the Affordable Care Act.
“Today’s decision doesn’t change the fact that Obamacare has been a disaster for the millions of hardworking American families who have seen their health care costs skyrocket or lost their insurance entirely,” the senior Republican senator added.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) quickly weighed in, saying that the decision “won’t change ObamaCare’s multitude of broken promises.”The Republican leader tried to pressure Democrats who supported the law, saying they face a choice to either “crow about Obamacare’s latest wobble toward the edge, or work with us to address the ongoing negative impact of a 2,000-page law that continues to make life miserable for too many of the same people it purported to help.”




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  1. We have a law passed despite the opposition of the majority of the people at the time, by legislative trickery no less (a previous bill stripped of text and replaced with PPACA, because even though they had Democrat majorities they still couldn’t pass it any other way), supported by zero Republican legislators. CBO said it was revenue-neutral. But CBO is obligated to analyze based only upon the information it is given. ‘Revenue-neutral’ included the 1099 part, which has been removed, and included no federal subsidy for non-state-run exchanges. Recent CBO says that repeal would have a powerful positive impact on our economy.

    In other words, this bastard of a law continues to exist only because of a very small handful of people – people who must have some personal benefit from doing so, because it is so obviously bad for America.

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