Elon Musk says Democrats should scrap entire Build Back Better bill: ‘Federal deficit is insane’ – IOTW Report

Elon Musk says Democrats should scrap entire Build Back Better bill: ‘Federal deficit is insane’


Tesla CEO Elon Musk slammed Democrats’ Build Back Better Act, arguing that it should be scrapped entirely since many of its provisions are unnecessary or harmful.

“Honestly, I would just can this whole bill,” Musk said during The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit on Monday. “Don’t pass it. That’s my recommendation.”

Musk also told the WSJ that his colleagues at Tesla don’t care or think about the bill. He also noted that the federal deficit continues to rise and would be negatively impacted by the $2.1 trillion budget, which the House passed but which awaits Senate approval. more

19 Comments on Elon Musk says Democrats should scrap entire Build Back Better bill: ‘Federal deficit is insane’

  1. It’s just a license for democRATz to steal and rob us blind anywzy!

  2. Communism doesn’t try to make money.

    Communism tries to crush spirits, beat bodies down, and break people to tyrannical rule.

    Which BBB is truly designed to achieve.

    Economics never matters with fiat currency, and even if it did, 80,000 new IRS agents stand ready to take whatever they require from you, from me, and from us all.

    At gunpoint if necessary.

    Ask China how that works.

    They ARE mentoring the Democrats and controlling their “leaders” after all…

  3. I wonder who Elon voted for this past election. Too late in changing the plan now Elon.

  4. “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State.”
    An appropriate quote for our time, considering Solzhenitsyn was talking about the “former” soviet union.

  5. Throw out that steaming pile of Build Bullshit Better along with that fraud Biden and the other idiots who came up this economy destroying disaster.

  6. there are a lot of moving parts here
    the BBB BS should be shit canned, but I don’t need him to tell me that
    I’m glad he said it, though

    some perspective:
    Musk is said to the richest man on earth, and have a worth of 318 Billion dolllars
    lets pretend you are immortal, and you’ve lived for 80,000 years.
    If you had saved 10,000 dollars for every day of those 80,00 years, you would have less money than he has.
    just sayn

  7. Hope he never has a scandal. Elongate would be pretty lengthy…

  8. The deficit was insane a couple decades ago.

    Now? Now it’s the end for us. This debt will not only never be paid, it’ll continue to increase. It will finally elicit a war.

    In fact that could well be the why with this confronting Russia bullshit.

    Max Boot et.al. are spontaneously blowing loads.

  9. The elites are pillaging our economy and creating chaos, which causes confusion and then they hope it’s hard to place the blame on them.

  10. Part of that deficit is federal cash thrown at this conman to keep his pyramid schemes afloat. What hubris.

  11. Don’t let this government solar subsidy grifter fool you.
    He’s setting himself up to run against President Trump in 2024.

  12. Elon has not desire to run for office. But a doorstop will again beat who you are talking about.

  13. Why does the richest man in the world go all the way to North Korea for a haircut?

  14. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, what I term, as pure business men. Like Musk. Nothing gets in their way of PROFIT. They don’t necessarily play dirty. But they’ll use every advantage they can come up with. They’re fun to watch.

  15. Elon is unique: he’s a combination of Silicon Valley and a lot of Trump: he actually builds tangible things.

  16. Musk clearly doesn’t get that the dem-rino party’s plan and their collaborators is the big ‘re-set’ conspiracy set forth by the world’s widespread greedy and power-hungry. Not a word of what Musk determines will make a bit of difference to those who live solely to capture the lives of others and profit handsomely from such doings.

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