Greenpeace pull stupid diesel powered stunt to save the world from fossil fuels

TheRebel: The drama queens at Greenpeace have pulled another stunt. This time they were in Norway with an $82,000 Steinway Piano.

Greenpeace collaborated with Italian pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi. Einaudi wrote a song called Elegy for the Arctic as part of Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign. They called their catchy little ditty a “funeral song for the Arctic”.

So the activists flew in a Steinway grand piano and set it and their fancy Italian composer sailing on a pre-constructed platform in front of a glacier. That’s a photo-op and a half, right there!  read more

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  1. Did someone forget to tell Greenpeace the three forms of water:
    1. Liquid
    2. Solid
    3. Gas

    It’s sort of important to know, it’s what makes it rain and allows ice to ‘relocate’ to other places.

    They should also have a funeral for the loss of liquid water into solid ice at the south pole because no water should be discriminated against.

    World sea ice (south plus north poles) is currently at the highest recorded level since 1971 when satellite imagery began collecting this data.

    Don’t let facts distort their message though. Carry on.

  2. I was hoping for an “accident”, with the loss of the Steinway AND the composer. Too bad. . . . they both survived.

  3. The last sentence in the article says it all, and should be used as a counter-protest catchphrase.

    “Just another environmentalist protest, brought to you by fossil fuels.”

  4. Must’ve pained him to play it when it wouldn’t tune in that cold.
    The heavy price you pay for saving the world.

  5. What’s up with the painting on the side of the ship?
    It looks like a rainbow blasting a hole in the hull.
    Are they implying that gays are the destroyers?

  6. It’s funny how nobody brings up that in the 1950’s, the north pole was almost completely void of any ice at all.

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