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Have You Seen Trump’s Chef?


Andre Rush is the president’s personal chef. He’s not a man who’s used to getting a ton of attention from the media.

However, after The Wall Street Journal’s Vivian Salama got a picture of him preparing food for the White House’s iftar dinner this past week, he’s been going viral.

One look at him and you can see why: more


I guess the president isn’t eating McDonalds every day.


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  1. Hey!! I want to see the chef!! This is the sorriest little steak I’ve ever seen, and these potatoes, these are inedible! Where is the damn chef……nevermind. Sorry bout that.

  2. Waiting for the left to somehow make this out as Trump being racist for having a Black man cook for him etal…..and he sure as hell don’t look like any vegan! Would make a better spokesperson for Weight Watchers than see-food diet Oprah.

    Angus Rancher

  3. He rips fresh steaks out of living cows.
    He just looks at a lobster and it leaves its shell.>>>

    The oil and vinegar shakes on its own.

  4. Racist Rush Limbaugh would be totally LOST without his long-time, right-hand-man & best friend, black “Bo Snerdley”.

  5. I linked an interview he did with TMZ here yesterday. It’s worth the watch. He’s seem pretty loyal to Trump.

  6. He eats horse shoes, shaves with a Bowie knife, pisses napalm , chews consertina wire, and picks his teeth with a back hoe. That’s Trump’s
    kinda man. MAGA! Oh those poor leftist snowflakes.

  7. By the way, I didn’t see where it was mentioned in the attached article but this guy was an Army Ranger.

  8. He must find time to hit the gym after a hard day in the kitchen. He could do double duty as a bodyguard.

  9. My liberal brother called Chef Rush a slave. I replied slaves don’t have salaried jobs. He proceeded to go balistic about President Trump. Aww, the illogical world of the left.

  10. BFH and Bad_Brad, Thanks guys. If it wasn’t for genetics, it would be difficult to believe I’m related to my liberal family.


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