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How’s the weather?


Up to 3 feet of snow for New York – Blizzard warnings for some areas.

Blizzard warning also for parts of Pennsylvania. Travel will be difficult to impossible.

National Weather Service Albany NY
Fri Mar 2 2018

Schoharie-Western Schenectady-Western Albany-Western Greene-Western Ulster

Including the cities of Cobleskill, Breakabeen, Gilboa, Livingstonville, Middleburgh, North Blenheim, Jefferson, Mariaville, Delanson, Duanesburg, Westerlo, Altamont, Berne, Knox, Preston Hollow, Hunter, Tannersville, Windham, Prattsville, Ellenville, Woodstock, West Hurley, West Shokan, Kerhonkson, Napanoch, and Sundown


Deadly Cold Sweeps Over Europe, UK Sees “Coldest Spring Day On Record”

The Telegraph here is calling it “the UK’s coldest spring day on record” with “life-threatening conditions“, adding

The Armed Forces have been forced to step in as police and hospitals struggle to cope with freezing weather sweeping across Britain. […] Nearly every part of the country was hit by snowfall and gales as the Met Office said Thursday was the UK’s coldest spring day on record.”

Armed Forces called out, gas running out

The online British daily also reports that 10 deaths have resulted in Britain so far as storm Emma took its toll with heavy snow as it collided with the massive blast of frigid Russian air which had swept across the continent earlier in the week.


Remember when we were told “Penguins Don’t Migrate, they’re dying!” ? – never mind.

WUWT readers may remember this story from last year, where Chris Turney, leader of the ill fated “ship of fools” Spirit of Mawson expedition that go stuck in Antarctic sea ice said: “Penguins Don’t Migrate, they’re dying!” and of course blamed the dreaded “climate change” as the reason. Of course three days later, Discover Magazine ran an article that suggested Turney was full of Penguin Poop.

Well, seems there’s a surplus of Penguins now, in a place nobody thought to look, there’s an extra 1.5 million Penguins. From Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.



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  1. No snow accumulation at my house but the hurricane force wind gusts shook my house so much that I now have cracks in the drywall joints and shingles torn off the roof. I just finished calling in my claim to Allstate and making temporary roof repairs in prep for the rain that is forecast next week.
    I am thankful that it really is not that bad. Just an inconvenience.

  2. We were supposed to get 4 to 8 inches yesterday. It began snowing at around 4 am and was still snowing when I went to be last night. All-in-all, we got 4 TIMES 8 inches. And it was heavy-ass shit. If my neighbor’s son hadn’t gone through my driveway and sidewalk with his snowblower last night, I never would have been able to dig myself out.

  3. My house is still standing but my entire property outside looks like it was bombed; huge downed tree branches everywhere and in big piles amongst the snow. The sun is out today but it is still windy which makes me nervous walking the dogs because I know there are still busted branches up in the tall trees that have not fallen yet. It was quite a storm!

  4. It’s a beautiful spring day here north of Seattle. It’s a bit chilly not too bad, and most importantly,THE SUN ☀️ is out!!! It’s clear and I can see the snow covered Cascades.

    A great day for an Open House too which means hopefully our hippy dippy idiot neighbor will sell his house today.👍

  5. For those of you that somehow are not dead from yesterday’s doomsday weather predictions, please stand by as the next apocalyptic, life ending, world ending, crisis warning is figured out. It shouldn’t take too long…

  6. The nonsensical hysterical Weather Channel insisted D.C. would be “one of the hardest hit cities of all” with 50-60 mph winds (!) and serious rain.
    No rain at all. Some wind, but nothing unusual for March, and no visible damage anywhere.

    Fake news.

    Sorry for those folks genuinely hit further North.
    Obviously Weather Channel ratings must be dropping here in DC so they called a false alarm to give them a boost.

  7. 66 here with a couple of lawn chairs knocked over and some pine cones down in the lawn. Sunflower seedlings are going in the garden tomorrow so we will pick up the lawn chairs while we are out.

    The pine cones will stay until I mow the grass on or about Wednesday.

  8. Mobile Ala., If it wasn’t for the pine tree pollen I could see and breath. And damn the wind I’m lighting the smoker.

  9. Midwestern Michigan has been anywhere from 20 to 60 degrees the last week. Two inches of snow one day, but two days later it’s all gone. 10 day forecast is 30-40s with possible 1 inch snow Tue/Wed.

    Normal MI weather.

  10. SW Ohio, today 44, clear and sunny.
    Lost power day before yesterday for 11 hours from Rain and strong winds.
    Spring is right around the corner.

  11. 70’s and Breezy in the Florida Keys…Going to drop down to

    64 tonight…Got a ton of Firewood, going to have a small


    Will be breaking out the Jim Beam around Dusk…

    Y’all are welcome…Bring Your own Beer…I’ll give You the

    shirt off of My back…the keys to My Truck, and My last Meal

    But I don’t share Beer…

    PS Disregard any posts after 8 PM Eastern…It’ll be the Beam.

  12. About 12 inches of new snow last week, which was great for the Birkie (a 54 Kilometer X-country ski race). We’ve been enjoying high 30s and low 40 since for a nice slow thaw. Expecting March to come howling back in tomorrow through Tuesday.

    You learn to enjoy the change in season around these parts, especially when they all happen in a day.

  13. @Mike Brown, up here in Maine when they tell us big weather is coming we head to the waterfront to watch. Life threatening? Pshaw!

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