Is Nancy Pelosi ‘grateful’ for this DACA recipient?

American Thinker: A manhunt is underway in Texas for a so-called “DREAMer” who is believed to have killed the dreams and the body of a good Samaritan who attempted to rescue another person that he had already shot.  Ryan Saavedra reports in the Daily Wire:

Authorities say that Judas Deluna, 21, shot and killed a man outside DJ’s Food Mart in Harris County on January 26, after the man came to the aid of another man that they say Deluna also shot. ABC 13 reports:

Investigators believe Deluna got into a fight with a man in the parking lot and retrieved a gun from his vehicle.  He then returned to shoot him.  Rupani, whose father owns the store, was inside.  He came to the shooting victim’s aid and was shot, too.  Rupani had two young children and a wife.

Deluna has been at large for three weeks, obviously presenting a danger of further violence against citizens, legal visitors, and even other illegals, DACA beneficiaries or not.

I don’t suppose that this criminality has diminished Nancy Pelosi’s gratitude for the DACA recipients who have deigned to enrich us all with their presence, and to the parents who brought them here in violation of our laws.  Her stunt faux filibuster in stiletto heels last week wasn’t deep sized out of concern for lawlessness.  more here

8 Comments on Is Nancy Pelosi ‘grateful’ for this DACA recipient?

  1. I pray everyday that this criminal illegal aliens don’t harm my family members. Because I believe a eye for a eye. And I will be worse than Rambo I kill that person and is family and go door to door looking for this criminal illegal aliens. I tell you I will go crazy the police will have to put me in jail because I mean business.

  2. Nancy Pelosi’s facade of gratitude is only for mindless voters who have foolishly kept her around year after year, decade after decade.

  3. There are times I wish we had extra-judicial hunter-killer squads of ex-special forces members. Does this make me a dreamer?


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