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ISIS Rains on Gay Victory Parade

Just in case anyone missed the intentional execution of four gay men by ISIS the same day SCOTUS declared gay marriage for all, the terrorist nation highjacked the gay advocate’s victory tweet #LoveWins to accompany pictures of the executions. 


The crowds came early to watch these poor souls be tossed to their deaths from a tall building.


Of course no one at the WH could be bothered to respond, since they were too busy with the new lighting scheme last night.




25 Comments on ISIS Rains on Gay Victory Parade

  1. And how did Obama get that gay colored lighting scheme (that’s what it is) together so quickly? Did someone tip him off? YA THINK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. The souls of these people were dead and lost to hell long before the ragheads tossed them off that building.

    Quit kidding yourselves.

  3. Get ready for the next wave of narratives equating ISIS with opposition to gay marriage in America.

    REAL bigotry was unleashed this week.

  4. Yeah, might as well lumpus together with those evil… things. I don’t know what ISIS is because they aren’t human.

    Of course, look what “Compassion” gets us. Butt love rubbed in our face as they “Wn”.

    Of course the gay journey isn’t over yet. Until it is a hate crime to think being gay is wrong and we are all forced to embrace it they will keep fighting.

  5. Fags keep falling on my head
    But that doesn’t mean my ass
    Will soon be turning red
    Bugging’s not for me cause,
    I’m never gonna stop the fags
    By complaining,
    Because I’m free, ’cause nothing’s worrying me

  6. I grew up when “gay” meant happy and “queer” meant odd.

    Didn’t even know “Lesbian”, “Bi”, “Trans”.

    It was a better time.

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