Jeff Sessions Must Go- NOW

Hey, guess what? Whatever the left said about Sessions, that he was a racist and in the KKK, okay, let’s run with that and get him the hell out of the AG position.

The guy is either corrupt or an imbecile, or both.

Whatever the case, he has been the greatest thing ever to happen to the left since Trump won.


Chaffetz: I can tell you that while I was in Congress and the Chairman of the Oversight Committee, I did go over and visit with Attorney General Sessions and it was one of the most frustrating discussions I had because whether it was the IRS, Fast and Furious, the email scandal that we went through, I did not see the Attorney General willing to just let Lady Justice administer justice and then follow through. I understood maybe the last six months of the Obama Administration…

Judge Janine: Wait a minute I don’t have that much time. You spoke with Sessions on IRS, Fast and Furious. Did he give you a reason? Did he say he was presenting anything to a grand jury? Yes or no?

Chaffetz: No, he basically let me know he wasn’t going to pursue anything on the major cases.

Judge Janine: So IRS, on the major cases? Are we talking about Hillary Clinton, because I haven’t even gotten to her yet.

Chaffetz: Yes, the email scandal of Hillary Clinton. We had Bryan Pagliano. I issued a subpoena for him to appear before the Committee and he said “No”. He didn’t even show up. We issued another subpoena. The US Marshals served it. And you know in my world, if you’re in court, I guarantee you that a subpoena is not an optional activity. We wanted the Attorney General to prosecute him and he said “No”.

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  1. Going after MS13 is MUCH more important than pursuing those who gave Russia control of 20% of our uranium reserves, and received $145 dollars for it……..MUCH more important.

    Future GOP candidates….NEVER appoint a sitting US congressional critter to be the AG. He’s got to many friends in high places and skeletons in his closet to be of any use.

  2. If I were Trump I’d ask Sessions over to the WH for an official update on every major case including all the Clinton issues as well as Wassermann-Schultz etc etc. Plan for damn near an all day meeting. I’d have with me VP Pence and perhaps the head of the FBI (maybe) as well as the WH Chief of Staff. I’d thank Secretary Sessions then I’d have a meeting with Pence, the Chief of Staff and maybe the head of the FBI. Depending on that meeting I’d give Sessions one chance to resign and if he waffles at all I’d fire him for failure to perform up to the high standards of the office. I’d then nominate the smartest,most aggresive conservative federal prosecuter (could be a State AG) I could find and demand their quick confirmation. With Bannon chewing at McConnell heels I’ll bet he gets it. The consider replacing the head of the FBI.

  3. Cripes! You go to the DoJ website and their “big” prosecutions are almost all small time indictments of tax fraud/evasion. Nearly every single “win” for the DoJ is a case against solitary citizens — not a one against ANY gov’t fraud/crimes.

    At this point, I don’t care what the reasons are for Sessions’ not going after the numerous crimes committed by the last admin. The fact is he’s ineffective in restoring real justice if he doesn’t use the power of this office to so. And that was a MAJOR plank in Trump’s platform, too! Can’t believe this. He needs to get gone.

  4. He is a lead weight at the Justice Dept. Jettison the fool overboard, he is confused by the word justice. He thinks it means a free pass for all suspects.
    Bring in a LION and get rid of the pussy!!!

  5. Sessions is a smart guy and talks the talk when it suits his purpose.
    I’m guessing that he thinks of himself as one of the “Oligarchy” and that his first loyalty is to protecting that Oligarchy – its Ways and Means, its prerogatives, its Control over a large but insignificant mass of great unwashed.
    It happens after so many years of being treated like Royalty on Capitol Hill.
    Page boys (and girls, for those so inclined) for pleasure, tradesmen at their beck and call, furniture, furnishings, heat, cooling, a heated pool with staff masseuses, work-out gym with staff to lose at basketball, racquetball, or whatever. Even a golf-shot area. Wet and Dry Steam rooms. And Private Rooms for those “quiet times” that the busy Legislator requires.

    Who wouldn’t believe himself some sort of Olympian god after a couple of decades of that? And that doesn’t include the guys bringing in bushels of money and investment “tips” that can NEVER lose!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Tick Tock, I don’t see there’s anymore time to waste on a Senate confirmation hearing to get some one new approved. DJT needs to start firing AG’s like a Peds Dispenser dispenses candy. One after another until he finds someone in the DOJ that understands the Rule of Law and is willing to start putting corrupt MoFo’s in jail. Hopefully there’s someone in that organization that’s a Patriot. Maybe the janitor.

  7. And PRESIDENT Trump pointed out Hilllary’s corruption on Twitter this morning and typed, “DO SOMETHING!”

  8. So many times people have written here how Trump has this big beautiful plan and we just have to wait and let him do the “deal” as only he can do. Lately, some have gotten nervous and said that maybe the plan is this or that and Sessions is biding his time until whatever.

    I don’t like playing the what-if-guessing-game, so I usually kept quiet. I’d rather see results, but maybe I just don’t know enough to decide if a major 3-D chess game is in process.

    Well, I think now that is all over. Sessions was a skunk and even Trump admitted it some months back. This refusal of Sessions to prosecute any government corruption and crimes cannot stand. Trump must do something about it. I don’t care if President Trump slaps him silly, fires the dolt, or assigns him to the lowest government job in some shit hole; he needs to be gone now.

  9. I’d imagine that Jay Seculow, Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Bannon have put in their 2 cents about Sessions. God I hope so!
    DO SOMETHING indeed. 😡

  10. chaffetz made these same claims a couple weeks ago on another talk show (can’t remember where). Maybe recent events will change sessions mind.

  11. I wasn’t thrilled with the pick from the beginning. I tried at first to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I expected it wouldn’t be long and it would be obvious he was a horrible pick.

    I think Trump regretted picking him shortly after he did, but then knew the establishment would refuse to confirm anyone else. Now, even the establishment is getting sick of him, so hopefully it won’t be long and Trump will get rid of him and the crook under him.

  12. So, you basket of deplorables! Are you finally ready to admit that Obama was right? “Elections have consequences.”

  13. @Bad_Brad: He’s probably that “not the other Anonymous” guy that posted here awhile back. The one who said he wasn’t a Liberal.

    You seen one Anonymous, you seen ’em all.


  14. Everything done through the legal system in D.C. is by the nature of the place political. Watching recent revelations on the Steele Dossier and what has happened to Weinstein and DWS Pakistani IT guys, I’m wondering if the AG isn’t waiting for public opinion to catch up with the corrupt Clintons and their enablers.

    If steps were taken immediately to arrest Hillary Clinton and charge her with all the crimes she so richly deserved prosecution for, I’d expect the howl of protest and charges of making her a political prisoner would be deafening. Then just imagine how much louder it would get through the megaphone of the corrupt media.

    There has to come a point where vast majority in this nation turn on the Clintons and abandon them to their just deserved fate before an objective jury. Either that or so taint the party that continues to shield the Clintons that it ceases to be viable alternative to those who are fighting to right the nation.

    Or it could be Sessions has lived in the swamp so long that he’s become one of them, but I’m still hoping it’s the first case above.

  15. Keeping Sessions in place this long is something that doesn’t make sense. Why is he still there? It’s time to hear Trump say “YOU’RE FIRED!”.

  16. Fucking little limp wristed elflike clump of smegma. I say his support of Trump was a con from the beginning, just to get his faggoty little ass into the power position best able to serve he and his fellow cesspool floaters.

  17. He must have been placed there by the swamp so they would have an insider in position in the unlikely event that Trump would win. It’s past time to, drop the ink on him, send him kicking cans, lay him off while you’re still hiring, whatever way you want to say it, it’s time to fire his ass.

  18. If anyone thinks the vast majority of Americans are going to come to a consensus over the clintons or obama’s wrongdoing I’m afraid you are in for a looonnng wait.

  19. How’d you like to be a guy like Jeff? Everybody kissing your ass wherever you go, people driving your limo, washing your clothes, paying your bills, turning down the bed.

    You never have to actually accomplish anything, just leak a few things to the media about what you might be up to.

    No one has any real expectations for you to live up to, and there is no such thing as timelines you’re expected to meet. It’s a government job. Just enjoy it Jeff. Like a few hundred thousand fucks just like you do on our dime. Be cause we’re too stupid to run you off.

  20. He’s a deep state weasel. He even looks and sound like it. Trump seems to be getting uncomfortable with Sessions ducking and diving. Hope Trump is waiting for the best opportunity to cut him loose.

  21. It just goes to show you that – regarding human nature – as best as you (read: TRUMP) can try to find the best/hardest/most stringent “for the job”…


    NOTE TO JEFFIE: Keeping your nose clean at this point no longer counts, sonny.

  22. I’m beginning to think that even Trey Gowdy would have been a better pick. At least he talks a good game. And as long as somebody’s not going to do something, they can at least be entertaining while they’re not doing it.


  23. Imagine if during talks between Candidate Trump and Sessions he said he wanted illegals deported, prosecute government employees, clean up the DOJ and go after Hillary. Then tells President Trump that he’s as determined as ever and never mentions he’d recuse himself.
    The establishment couldn’t wait to confirm him and as soon as Trump wasn’t happy when he found out he lied they immediately said they wouldn’t confirm anyone else. I think that’s the biggest reason he’s still there, President Trump had to give him enough rope to hang himself, which he’s on his way to doing by not turning over what establishment is asking for. I keep hearing them all get on TV and say Senator Sessions would not stand for this.
    So now President Trump can say I have no choice, he’s refusing to let you have your power, he’s making a fool out of you. You’re going to have to answer back home why you’re not getting answers, etc.
    That makes sense why he didn’t fire him when he first got so pissed. I think his days are numbered.

  24. Sessions is an old man. He’s made his name for himself. At this stage in his life, he’s not looking to hoist the black flag and start slitting the throats of his enemies.

    Unless his enemies jump on the hood of his ’92 Buick LeSabre on the way to Cracker Barrel for a 4:30pm dinner, he will not be riled.

  25. I think that leaving Sessions in place is a on-purpose, and rather blatant, counterbalance to Muller. Muller will have to be fired at some point soon. So therefore Sessions being a eunuch will actually benefit Trump when Muller is fired. Because there is no one in office HELPING President Trump, or running interference, but Muller has a massive team of Clinton and obama devotees working to destroy President Trump. Sorry I can’t flesh out my theory better in words(very tired out) – I hope you get the general drift though. Jeff WILL go – but not until Muller has played his hand. Then no one can claim that Trump had Jeff “fix” things for him. Sessions is s.hit. He is SUPPOSED to be s.hit. Only Sessions does not know this.

  26. So that’s why nothing is happening with the IRS and Fast & Furious. I’ve been wondering why he doesn’t un-recuse himself. Damn it! I hope President Trump replaces him soon.

  27. I expect that if Trump is going to fire Sessions, he’ll wait until after the Alabama special election for his replacement to ensure Sessions can’t return to the Senate.

    This kind of makes me sad, because I’d love to see a cage match between Sessions and Moore over who gets to fill the seat.

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