Largely Unreported- 50,000 Muslims expected to fill Minnesota Viking Football Stadium for Holy Day – IOTW Report

Largely Unreported- 50,000 Muslims expected to fill Minnesota Viking Football Stadium for Holy Day


The Minnesota Vikings’ US Bank Stadium seats 65,000 people for pro football but the state’s imams are hoping to fill those seats with 50,000-plus Muslims chanting “Allahu Akbar!” on Tuesday, Aug. 21, in celebration of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Ahda.

While the size and scope of the “Super Eid 2018” celebration is described by Muslim organizers as “unprecedented” for this country, it has attracted little media attention.

Eid al-Ahda is one of the most important Islamic holidays and literally means “Festival of the Sacrifice” in Arabic. It involves the ritual slaughtering of domestic animals, typically goats or sheep, although stadium management has promised a group of concerned citizens in Minnesota that no animals will be killed inside the stadium.

The event is free to the public, requiring only an online registration, and meant to establish the Islamic holiday “for all Minnesotans,” according to a GoFundMe page seeking donations for the event.

While an event of this size takes at least a year to plan, details about the Super Eid have been held under wraps. The first visible sign that it would happen came in mid-July, when a website popped up under the registered domain name of

“Super Eid” was formally announced by a group of 13 imams during a cryptic 20-minute press conference outside the US Bank Stadium, aired Aug. 7 on Somali TV of Minnesota.


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  1. This is about a show of force, like when they take over the streets of Paris and block all traffic to pray. It is a signal to the Muslim world that they are expanding and taking control and that more should follow in their footsteps. The Left will celebrate it as diversity, but it would really be like a whole bunch of Germans filling a stadium in Liverpool in 1936 getting together to listen to a Hitler speech on the radio and chanting Heil Hitler in unison.

    If you say that I am Islamophobic, show me an Islamic country where 50,000 Christian could gather in a public place and celebrate Easter or Christmas. And you don’t get to use Bethleham. (Bethlehem as well as nearby Beit Sahour and Beit Jala were 86% Christian in 1950. But by 2016, the Christian population dropped to just 12%.) The Palestinian Authority is probably just keeping the doors open for the tourist money.

  2. it’s time to drop the flying pigs over the Viking’s stadium. Here piggy, piggy, piggy be a nice pig and let’s make the muzzies all tremble in fear as they drop out of a fully loaded C-130 at a thousand feet over the stadium. We could call it a pig pile, bombs away!

  3. Be a whole lot of Religion of Peace loving being tossed about. I’m sure the crime rate, murder rate, head chopping rate, and gay bashing rate will drop for a few hours.

    Imagine the level of inoculations an average 1st world person would need to attend. Imagine the amount of retraining the vendors had to undergo.

  4. American Football – No better symbol for them to shit all over. I’ll bet that stadium will be a bio-hazard when they’re done with it! Let’s see how easy it is to find out afterwards. They’ll have four days to clean it up. I doubt anybody will be allowed in to report on the filth, so watch for all the Service-Pro trucks.

  5. Perfect opportunity for a drone strike.
    Taking bets if the New Mexico Five were granted special permission to attend (rights to practice their religion per the judge).
    Doesn’t dissuade them when SOS Pompeo released a video wishing all Muslims a Happy El Eid.

  6. Barky will be drawn to that shit hole like a fly to his face. Unless ValJar orders him to lay low. But even that may not be enough to keep him away. How can he just stand by, when his folks need him?

  7. Predictions:

    Fewer than 10,000 show up.

    Whoever rented out the stadium will be chasing payment for years.

    The media is going to find false flag bacon on some windshields and freak out.

    Prior to the bacon freakout, the media will be fretting about the coming backlash which never comes.

  8. If the NFL players wanted to protest for a legitimate cause they would not play this game. Simply not show up or show up and walk out.
    Due to Obama’s Islamic relocation efforts Minnesota’s infested with Neanderthals that intend to install sharia laws and eventually turn the state into a califate. Islam cannot co-exist with Christianity.
    The answer is obvious, when you have vermin in your house you call and exterminator. Someone needs to make the call.
    Mr. Sessions, here is a clue. There is blatant sedition and treasonous actions going on in Minnesota. Do something dammit.

  9. Good time to test that new MOAB …

    We know the BLU-82 works – but even it might be fun … just for shitz and giggles …

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Upcoming news article:
    “Minneapolis budget deficit explodes due to unforeseen enormous stadium cleanup expenses.”

  11. Sand “monkeys?” That’s not quite the way I heard that phrase. Of course, “sandnegroes” makes no sense.

  12. I hope MEMRI gets someone in there undercover so that we can know what was ACTUALLY said rather than the taquiya they’ll spew for the LSM to lap up.

  13. Once they’re in there, can we fill it with water?

    A two-fer: bathe em and drown em at the same time!

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Imagine one of those 747 fire fighting planes filled with bacon grease. Then imagine a B-52 Arc Light strike. Just sayin”!

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