Letitia James Finally Brings Her Weak Ass Case Against President Trump and Family Members – IOTW Report

Letitia James Finally Brings Her Weak Ass Case Against President Trump and Family Members


Donald Trump and his adult children were sued for “numerous acts of fraud and misrepresentation” on Wednesday by New York state’s attorney general in a civil investigation into the former U.S. president’s business practices, court records showed.

The lawsuit, filed in a New York state court in Manhattan, accused the Trump Organization of wrongdoing in preparing Trump’s annual statements of financial condition from 2011 to 2021. It also named the Trump Organization, the former president’s son Donald Trump Jr. and his daughter Ivanka Trump as defendants.

Attorney General Letitia James said Trump and the Trump Organization misstated the values of its real estate properties to obtain favorable loans and tax benefits. She said she was referring allegations of criminal wrongdoing to federal prosecutors in Manhattan and the Internal Revenue Service. More

27 Comments on Letitia James Finally Brings Her Weak Ass Case Against President Trump and Family Members

  1. Dear Ms James,
    Recommended to do list:
    1) Get a real first name.
    2) Get a real surname.
    3) Do something constructive in your life.
    4) F.O.A.D.

  2. Ya know, I’ve had a fair amount of real estate transactions. Including two commercial buildings. And not once was I able to establish the value for them. They have these people called appraisers.

  3. She doesn’t think Mar Lago is worth 250 million. She thinks it’s worth 75 million.

    It might be the greatest privately held estate in the world according to Fox News…..Does anybody who ever bought a 2×4 and a sack of concrete at Home Depot think they could acquire the land and build the buildings for 75 million phony baloney Biden Bucks?…..

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  5. I’m not an attorney, I don’t play one on TV, and you wouldn’t catch me dead at a Holiday Inn, however, if Trumps accountants presented a number to the financial institution and they accepted it, how is that a crime?
    Trump needs to sue the nipple off this bitch.

  6. The people from her office who were behind her looked like they didn’t want to be there.
    They know the case isn’t worth anything.

  7. It’s another attempt at weaponizing the government to oppress your opponents. They are hoping it will deter Trump, but really hoping it will deter the next person in line behind Trump and discourage that person from running.

  8. After all the false attacks on Tump can we finally call it a vendetta??

    It should be called a vendetta and treated like one!

  9. 214 PAGE COMPLAINT!!!!!! Wow, she must have 200 hand drawn sketches proving Mar Lago is actually a dump. Trash laying all over, wall need paint, yards unkept and dirty FBI foot prints on the carpet.

  10. Lay-TITS-Ya has brought a stupid-ass civil suit because she can in no way bring an indictment.

    We’re going to get a stupid civil trial rather than a criminal trial because they have no proof of a crime otherwise there would be the indictment that they don’t have.

    What does this mean?
    It means that the civil trial will probably fail
    leaving the taxpayers liable for malicious prosecution
    and other damages for a trial that should have never
    been forwarded.

    And why
    because LTY James has a hardon for the TRUMP family

    This is nothing but a political vendetta that they know
    they can’t win

    Therefor this nothing but pre-midterm political floor show
    to embarrass Trump

    Maybe it’s time to expose Lay-tits-ya for the scum that she is.

  11. Ok, I am willing to be “that guy”. Removing all of the politics, did President Trump break the law?

    If we use the standard “innocent until proven guilty”, I cannot show, or point to, any evidence that he committed a crime. I am open minded, so I will champion any logical, and verifiable, argument. Right now, all I have is innuendo and hearsay.

    To make matters clear, I do think that President DJT is one of the best presidents of our country. I am willing to listen to arguments. I will not hate on you, I just want to debate. No doxxing, no negative feedback from me. I encourage differing opinions. I may change my mind, but you have to convince me.

    I am willing to try and convince you. Any takers? I will work with BFH to set it up. Apologies to Fur for putting him in the middle, but I will stand up for my beliefs

  12. In other words, she couldn’t get a grand jury to indict, much less understand the arcane intricacies of real estate valuations and finance. The civil suit is basically punting and hoping for a settlement. The criminal referral is a red herring. IMHO

  13. TDS on steroids! They are going after Don his family his friends the newly elected officials he stumped for and yes us. The civil war is being fought by the DOJ the FBI and through the Courts with baseless lawsuits not to mention the left wing lying media using their power to influence low info voters.

  14. President Trump may be a crotch grabber, I dunno. If true, I’ll bet he grabs crotches of the opposite sex, unlike democrats.

  15. This DA is the only person in that part of the country who is so stupid she’d put her reputation on the line to go after a person unlikely to ever be convicted. The other commie democrat DAs would love to see President Trump destroyed by anyone, any means. But they’re a helluva lot smarter than her and wouldn’t touch this case. The smart DAs aren’t Affirmative Action.

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