Malcolm X on Liberals

It seems the facts about liberals never change. This was filmed at Berkeley in 1963. It might as well be 2019.

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  1. Seen this clip several times. Very enlightening and accurate. The irony is Malcolm X ended up more capitalist and leaning conservative than Martin Luther King Jr. who eventually embraced liberalism an socialist doctrine.

  2. I read an excerpt from a new book on Muhammad Ali, this was last year, the premise being that instead of conscience or political courage, Ali refused induction into the armed forces because he was afraid Elijah Muhammad would do to him what he did to Malcolm X. Ali got his marching orders from Elijah Muhammad who was against the Vietnam war, thought it was a white man’s war, and thought Ali’s refusal to serve would bring recognition and notoriety to his new found religion, him being at the head. Ali did not want his title stripped and honestly thought this would be the end of his boxing career, but valued his life more, so he did what he was told.

  3. A man of formidable intelligence, insight and honesty. Murdered for opposing the black Powers That Be…in his case, the black Muslims, in Cosby’s case, blacks who since X’s day totally bought into the very liberalism X tried to warn them against.

    Had he lived, I wonder how loudly X would have opposed the Democrat’s destruction and re-enslavement of black America. I wonder if it would have succeeded as it has, had he been alive to oppose it.

  4. I don’t even like Malcolm the 10th 🤨, but he sure knows his EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL whitey libtards, though!!! 😳

  5. While watching this with today’s editing capabilities, applying the removal of the terms black, white and racial I think it would truly demonstrate it’s heartfelt meaning back then. Just 45 years later, nah, Thanks Liberals (democrats) MSM,,,

  6. Malcolm X had a brilliant mind… murdered by a coalition of weak, envious people, likely along with state actors. A huge loss for everyone.

  7. “We (negroes) need hospitals, because we have a tendency to cut and shoot one another”.

    That kind of honesty would never fly today, plus he talks too “white”.

  8. Farrakhan ordered Malcolm X’s assassination. And every liberal Democrat still takes pictures with him.

    Just an FYI for Jemele Hill.

    Farrakhan apologized for the assassination to Betty Shabazz on 60 Minutes back in the 90s.

  9. @Cliche Guevara. I’ve heard that about Farrakhan years ago, during the 70s. There’s also word that Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammed were close – very close, “Smollett/Nigerian extras” close, if you know what I mean.


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