Marxists prefer the men they need to lord over to be weak, feminine, milquetoasts that won’t/can’t fight back

If you think the faggening of American men is just a trend that will pass in due time, think again. It’s planned. It’s part of the Marxist roadmap on how to get from a land of rugged individualists to a land of foppish collectivists, culled together in large $hithole cities where that they can be easily monitored and controlled.

More on this at Wintery Knight.

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16 Comments on Marxists prefer the men they need to lord over to be weak, feminine, milquetoasts that won’t/can’t fight back

  1. “The Faggening”

    Is that like “The Shining” but with lusty man ass love? And was it directed by Stanley Pooprick? 💩👨‍❤️‍👨

  2. If Stanley Pooprick remade 2001 A Space Odyssey it would now be called 2001 A Homo Odyssey. And Hal would be in love with Dave after killing the other guy played by Gary Lockwood because of a failed cyber love triangle. And the big black monolith would be a huge giant pulsing flying pecker.

  3. I’ve said for years that the whole purpose of “community service” that’s become a requirement for students in many schools over the last 15 years or so is to create drones accustomed to working for nothing–like nice little obedient Marxists. This article reveals a whole new facet of the aforementioned goal. Wow… and not in a good way. Very enlightening article!

  4. This chaps my jaws — there is a commercial out there from the non-profit United Way… The tag line is ‘Give, Donate, Advocate.’ Basically at the end of your life to give, give, give – your talent, time and treasure until there is nothing left, to the moocher people who will never appreciate it. And they want you to be an activist about it – FUCK THAT!

    This give-away, community service mindset starts early – earning badges in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts… what ever happened to learning old-fashioned survival skills?

  5. I believe this goes right along with the media’s effort to promote homosexuality and transgenderism. If you are watching network TV it’s to the point now where you would think half yer neighborhood has turned Gay or gotten a sex change!

  6. Yea we’ve already been Fagenated. Can you imagine if someone tried to tax the meat that George Washington and John Adams had on their plate?? Just the suggestion would have led to tarring and feathering.

  7. “Make them wear linen undergarments, learn the harp, and soft boots.”

    (advice of Croesus to Cyrus on the pacification of the men of Sardis – if memory serves)

    Nothing new under the Sun.
    Just amazing that nobody remembers the past – even though it’s still available.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Jon – nowadays, we can’t use ‘tar’, it’s a ‘fossil fuel’ (what fossils?) and feathers. The birds have lawyers to protect them. Until they’re slaughtered for the liberals fois gras dinners.

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