Minnesota: Somali arrested for plot to bomb city hall

Dr.Rich Swier:

Minnesota: Another Somali migrant arrested, this time it’s a plot to bomb the St. Cloud City Hall.

However, perhaps more interesting is the lack of mention of the arrested man’s name, a critical omission in the first St. Cloud Times version of the story.

Apparently, only after a local radio station posts his pic and names him, did the politically correct St. Cloud Times bother to report that vital information.

Mayor welcomes Somalis, so why would they want to bomb city hall?

Remember when you read this first account on the 11th, which quotes the great defender of all things Somali, Mayor Kleis, that this office ostensibly targeted for a bomb, is the very office that is silent on anything relating to crimes involving Somalis the office welcomes to St. Cloud with open arms.  MORE

16 Comments on Minnesota: Somali arrested for plot to bomb city hall

  1. He just wanted the FBI’s attention? Oh they know all about him, they don’t give a shit. Next time he should wear a MAGA hat and call Chris Cuomo before he does anything.

  2. I have a parallel story I guess. There’s a couple at the gym that have been there for ever. I haven’t seen them for quite a while. I saw them two weeks ago and he’s carrying her around from machine to machine. I thought stroke, even though she fairly young. Nope. They belong to a Harley club and rode to MJA’s home town, Las Vegas. They all get up to ride for breakfast and some drunk illegal runs a light and Tee Bones them. She was in a comma for 7 weeks. He suffered a busted up shoulder. They are both lucky to be alive. The illegal had no license, and no insurance. They both had to quit their jobs obviously. They’re hanging on by a thread. The community is chipping in. Build that damn wall.

  3. wait! … don’t tell me … it’s that 1% Christian Sammy’s that Obama let in
    certainly can’t be those 99% Muslim Sammy’s he imported…. oh no, couldn’t be that!

    fucktard ought to be sentenced to be Moose’s cabin boy … that’ll teach him!

  4. Is it just me ?
    I am slowly losing my
    humanity and would just as soon….these people
    as to look at them…

  5. BB Happens here in south TX
    all the time.Usually young macho
    dude 18-23 drunk on cheap beer got
    lot’s of native indian in him so he
    cannot handle alc. 4000# 1/2 ton pick-up
    110 MPH while being chased by LEO smash into
    a van full of American citizens M-F-C family.

    Tell me why we need them here?
    I now tell women to NOT ever
    go out alone at night without
    male escort or 3 or more M&F.

  7. Somalis don’t even like each other.
    In Lewiston, ME, there are more apartment building fires than you can count at times. No one will admit it but the rumor is one Somali gets mad at another and starts the building they live in on fire.
    Send them all back. They just bring their 1st century feudal ways with them when they go anywhere outside of their African hellhole.


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