Nations refusing to take back citizens ordered deported from Canada

Jamaica Observer:

OTTAWA, Canada (AFP) — Canada’s attempts to send up to 1,000 foreigners who are here illegally back to their home countries are being stymied by nations refusing to take them back, officials said Monday.

International and domestic laws in most countries require governments to allow their own citizens entry.

“But some countries are refusing to provide travel documents to their citizens or are just outright refusing to take them back,” Scott Bardsley, spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, told AFP.

He declined to name the “recalcitrant nations,” saying this might upend diplomatic efforts to convince them to change their position on the deportations.

According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the current backlog of foreign nationals facing deportation from Canada tops 15,000.

This is down from 20,000 just a few years ago, while the total number of deportations each year has also fallen dramatically from 19,000 in 2012 to 7,300 in 2016.  read more

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  1. Step one: Load them on to aircraft
    Step two: Fly them to their home country
    Step three: Land with or without permission
    Step four: Dump them out
    Step five: Fly away

    They’ll take them if they are forced to take them.

  2. Does illegal immigrants need to stay in their own country and work for a better life.we get the worst of them . The one that only come to get welfare etc .go home to your country and clean your own bathroom

  3. Cuba will not accept does people and does people will not want to go to Cuba were no one get nothing free. Remember no food no welfare no medical treatment no medicine in cuba

  4. What did they do to deserve the LO portion? First two letters enough. Wouldn’t it be nice to see an AN-226 fulla those worthless scum, do an open back door gate climb over one of the countries they supposedly love?

  5. Hire them as parachute testers.
    Take them by ship, then Helicopter to over their home country and have them test their parachutes.
    If it works mail in the coupon taped to the harness and Canada will send you fifty bucks and postage for the chute.
    If it doesn’t work, they can keep the chute.

  6. Either we land at the airport, or we’ll use a “Daisy Cutter” to make a landing area. But either way, we’re landing, and they’re disembarking.

  7. This is one of those issues we DON’T need all those hyper sensitive state dept bureauweenies to negotiate for us. Have Mad Dog deliver the message.

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