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Neil Young Demands Joe Rogan Be Removed From Spotify OR ELSE!!! lol

What a pantload –

I’m scraping article – fuck em.


Who would you prefer: the weakest link on the ‘90s sitcom NewsRadio or the legend who wrote “Cinnamon Girl”? That’s the choice Neil Young is giving Spotify. The music streamer is home to dozens and dozens of Neil Young releases, from his self-titled 1969 debut to last year’s excellent Crazy Horse reunion Barn. It’s also home to the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, whose host regularly spouts misinformation about the two-years-old-and-counting pandemic.

Now Young is taking a stand. As per Rolling Stone, the rocker wrote a letter to his management and label, sking them to remove some of the greatest songs ever recorded from the streamer that also allows a guy who used to force people to eat bugs to help make a public health crisis even worse.

“I am doing this because Spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines — potentially causing death to those who believe the disinformation being spread by them,” Young wrote. “Please act on this immediately today and keep me informed of the time schedule.”

“I want you to let Spotify know immediately TODAY that I want all my music off their platform,” he charged. “They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both.”

Young is the latest figure to come out against Rogan, who has fed his 11 million subscribers nonsense that is sometimes debunked on his show by his guests. Earlier this month, 250 doctors signed an open letter, begging Spotify to “to take action against the mass-misinformation events which continue to occur on its platform” by implementing a policy against misinformation. Meanwhile, the day before Young came out against Rogan, the U.S. saw almost 700,000 new COVID cases, as well as over 2,000 COVID-related deaths.

In the meantime, you better take one last spin of Everybody Knows This is Nowhere, On the Beach, Tonight’s the Night, maybe even Everybody’s Rockin’ before it vamooses, all for a guy who’d rather take medication also used on horses than get a free and effective vaccine.


Rogan is spreading “misinformation” but Uproxx repeats the “horse medicine” trope.

Does the CDC, WHO, Surgeon Generals, Surgeon Lieutenants, Captain Kangaroo have to hit these morons over the head with a hammer before they can even hear their masters? They have already admitted that they test everyone coming into a hospital, no matter what they are there for, and that is counted as a “Covid hospitalization.” They do the same for a death. If you die with Covid it gets catalogued as FROM Covid.

The number one piece of misinformation about Covid is that kids need to be vaccinated. What I just wrote is not what it seems. The misinformation part of what I just wrote is that it’s a VACCINE!!!!

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  1. Fqn Hollywood a$$hole$ never learn that they are just one step above court jester.


  2. Let Neil Young go solely for his idea that an acceptable method of debate is to threaten a platform unless they silence an opposing viewpoint. Young wants someone cancelled – let it be him.

  3. Oh look, another fascist hippie asshole. My God, this stupid libfucks have a big fat mouth hooked up to a pea brain with exactly ZERO self-awareness.

  4. I never understood how Young got famous. He sure as Hell can’t sing! To me he always sounded like he was in agony! I guess there are fans of his painful screeching, but not me. Now the arrogance of this self-absorbed, self-righteous Liberal is on display for everyone to see and it ain’t pretty and at 76 years old he ain’t young! Maybe he’s just tuning up for an appearance on the stage at Dante’s 9th Circle theater…

  5. When I was in college in the early 90’s, someone gave me free tickets to see Neil Young. I went and the opening band, Blind Melon, ROCKED. Ol’ Neil looked like an impotent elderly coot after his opening act stole the show. After listening to him drone on for about 10 minutes, I left. Skynard was right – “A Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow”.

  6. Can we get Neil Young removed from radio station playlists, instead? Jesus, I hate that fucker’s “music”. Like listening to Bob Cat Goldwhaite try to sing opera, only not as classy.

  7. Neil young who is so irresponsible as a human being that he’s going to be a father at 75? Yeah, his morality shines.

  8. If you have no argument, you silence your opposition – as have tyrants for centuries.

    I know Young’s a Canuk Fascist, but we (Americans) still believe in open, honest debate.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. My, he certainly has a high opinion of himself. And what a bully. I’ve enjoyed a couple of his tunes over the years, but the vast majority of it is crap. I hope Spotify has a spine and he gets cancelled, but I doubt it.

  10. “…a guy who used to force people to eat bugs to help make a public health crisis even worse.”

    You mean this guy, Urpoxx? Or are you talking about some other Globalist Resetter…

    “A professor at Vanderbilt University has argued that food authorities in the U.S. and beyond need to follow the example of the European Union and make BUGS, including maggots and worms, a staple of people’s diets…”

  11. A friend was set to do some studio work with Young, probably late 80s. Just Neil, my friend, one other guy. Neil pulled out some coke and started making lines, invited the other 2 to partake. My friend said thanks but no. Neil said if you want to work with me you do coke with me. The other guy was happy to join in. My friend had tried coke – his comment to me was ‘I’m hyper enough, as you know, I don’t need coke!’ He wasn’t interested in sticking around so he walked.
    I had a lot of Neil Young albums at the time I heard the story, stopped listening for a long time and now any time I hear one of his songs I think of this story.

  12. Thank you for rebuking Rogan’s “misinformation”, Doctor Young. You and all the other aging hippie douche bags can rest easily now.

  13. ** nonsense that is sometimes debunked on his show by his guests.

    I guess we’re not allowed to hear 2 people have a discussion about opinions in life if it’s not sanctioned by the misinformation police.

    Joe doesn’t host a science and fact podcast. It’s an entertainment opinionated talk show.

    No wonder comedy is dead.

    Apparently I need a moderator to have an over-the-fence conversation with my neighbor to weigh in on our thoughts because something either one of us says might just get equate to MURDER with our dangerous words. FFS.

  14. We went to one of his concerts backnin the early 70s. He didn’t like the audience so he walked off the stage and no refunds. The guy is a genuine prick. Never heard of him again..until now. FNY

  15. I learned a long time ago that ultimatums could be problematic. You better be pretty damn sure you want to go there.

  16. Or else what, take a bath? We won tickets to see CSNY at the Boston Garden back in the 70s and got to go backstage. Everyone was cool but Young smelled like a SF bum on a hot day that had sh*t his pants and they hadn’t even been onstage yet.


  17. Just for kicks, I looked at the “open letter” supposedly signed by 250 “doctors.” Nope. Lots of nurses (who are not doctors) and physician’s assistants (who are also not doctors). Some of the doctors hold a PhD in areas not related to medicine. One doctor is a pyschologist, another is a gynecologist. There are a number of media types (also not doctors) and students (again, not doctors). There are a few signers who appear to have the credentials to perhaps opine authoritatively in this area, but not many.

    Nice job, Uproxx – lying about an open letter in an article about alleged misinformation.

  18. Doesn’t this old has been stinky hippie realize that President Donald Trump plays his sing “Rocking in the Free World” at his rallys? 🤔

    Love it because it irks Neil Young 😁

  19. Josef Mengele, Jack Kervorkian, Che Guevara were doctors also. Most doctors would wipe their ass with the hippocratic oath.

  20. LOL “Crosby, Stills, Nash and Dumb.”

    Not one Rocket Surgeon there. Poor Niel. Wakes up one morning with an epiphany. Holy Shit, Rust Never Sleeps. And then writes a song about it.

  21. I’d love to see Spotify boot his sorry ass to the curb. I doubt they will, but knowing how large of a fanbase Rogan has amassed, I can’t see them sticking it to him.

  22. Stay in your lane, Neil, old boy. You had one hit album in the early 70s. Two, maybe three, songs on it were worth listening to but the rest were pure crap. You’re a singer but have become a fascist apparently. I think that if they dropped Neil’s channel/program/songs from Spotify it wouldn’t be noticed by 99% of Spotify’s listeners. But, there’d be a huge outcry from Joe’s faithful listeners. I’d bet a lot more listen to Joe Rogan than anything from Neil Young by a very large margin. Who are you to ‘silence’ another person, Neil? If you don’t want to hear Joe Rogan’s show, don’t tune into his channel. As for me, it’s my choice to listen to JR’s show or not. It’s not your job to keep me from it. This is such a simple concept that even you, Neil, should be able to comprehend it.

  23. Neil Young? You mean the guy who became rich and writes about the evils of capitalism? The guy who hates the waste of consumerism so much he bought a toy train company because he likes toy trains?

    That Neil Young?

  24. Somehow, Young managed to make a career out of being a whining pussy. I never liked his sniveling hippie crap.

  25. I listened to Young back in the early 70s. I saw him play at Wembly Statium with Crosby, Stills and Nash 1974. I am saddened that he became a screaming liberal. Young should shut his pie hole, making threats. I suppose that I will throw all my Young CDs in the trash can now. Who does Young think he is? He can KMA. I am a patriot and will not be bullied by some di*k head.

  26. Cray cray! Progtards have no clue how silly they look/sound/are. “Do you know who I am?!” How stupid.

    He sounds like that Kathy Griffin person. Not feelin’ the adoration these days, huh? What a life. And it must be true that money doesn’t buy a lot of happiness — especially the kind that counts. Pathetic worm.

  27. @Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk: Same holds true for the signatures of so-called doctors who signed a petition to get rid of Dr. Malone. Most who signed the letter were RN’s PA’s, physical therapists, etc. Just because they have a Dr or a Phd behind their name does not mean they have your best interest at heart. I’d say most of them now have the “death jab” stigma attached to their name and can no longer be trusted to give good health care. Rather the opposite. I’m actually afraid to go to my doctor for a check up. Once people have lost my trust, they are nothing to me.

  28. Neil Young, and five buck, will almost buy you a coffee at Starbucks.
    Joe Rogan has 11 million subscribers, with more followers than that. I’d ask Mr Young (an oxymoron), exactly WHAT MISINFORMATION Joe Rogan put out about Covid… was it Dr Robert Malone, the guy that discovered mRNA, and holds most of the patents? Was it Rogan’s personal experience with the virus? Was it the belief in natural immunity…. that true for EVERY OTHER DISEASE IN THE WORLD?
    Is it Neil Young total and complete lack of credibility on the subject?
    Maybe Neil should re-listen when Malone spoke about Mass Formation Psycosis… sounds like Young is a victim…

  29. Ah, so, alas, it’s come down to this. Young vs Rogan. Spotify caught in the middle of the shoot-out. Tragic indeed.

  30. Neil “The Heel” Young, a no talent, ancient slacker all up in his “feels” about free speech – which he’s against and thinks only his opinion matters.

    All those drugs he’s taken over the years has made his leftist echo chamber burned out brain even more vapid.

    Leftard tantrums seem to work to get woke corporations to comply with socialist extortion.

    Spotify will probably cancel Rogan to apease a “basic” loser who hasn’t been relevant in 40 yrs.

  31. I’m a big fan of classic 60’s, 70’s, 80’s rock, but I can’t name one song from Neil Young, that’s how irrelevant he is to me and probably to Spotify, compared to Rogan’s current popularity.

  32. Am I the only one here who never liked Neil Young or ANY of his songs?
    I am a 60s, 70s and 80s person, and I don’t even like the 90s and up.
    Never liked Neil Yong, and now I see I was justified in that.

  33. His son was born with some debilitating condition. Young seems to have started a great hatred of God for that – and for himself for the result of bad genes.

    He’s another rich maggot who hates God and hates himself and needs to bully and belittle mankind to make himself feel good – “only in destruction do I find ease” (Lucifer, “Paradise Lost”).

    We should probably pray for him (though I’m not sure I could bring myself to it).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

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